Xiaomi’s main smart gadget costs just $ 19

Xiaomi's main smart gadget costs just $ 19

The range between Xiaomi Gateway 3.0 and smart home products can reach 200 meters

Today Xiaomi has released a new gadget, the main device of a smart home. We’re talking about Gateway version 3.0, which works to exchange and exchange information across all smart home devices.

For the past few months, Xiaomi has been closely testing the device, which finally arrived. The new version of the gateway combines the most common wireless communication protocols of modern smart homes: Zigbee, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Bluetooth mesh.


Xiaomi Gateway 3.0 equipped with Xiao AI smart voice assistant, temperature and humidity sensor, as well as support for the Mejia Bluetooth 2 protocol. In addition, the new version supports the Apple Home Kit platform as well as Siri Voice Assistant, which allows you to send commands from the iPhone and iPad.

The new version features improved network connectivity. This time, the connection between the devices is in the form of a mesh connection, which allows you to send data to each other less slowly.

Xiaomi phone

The new gateway received dual Wi-Fi antennas to reduce delays and increase distance. The range between gateway and smart home products can reach 200 meters.

Xiaomi Gateway 3.0 offered for about $ 19 USD.

Xiaomi’s new smart gadget for $ 7

You can configure the operating mode of the device on a smartphone through the Meijia application

Chinese manufacturing giant Xiaomi has several models of smart light sensors under the Mazia brand.

This week, the company released a new sensor. And offered for just $ 7, according to official information. Which can accurately detect changes in the intensity of the Xiaomi Mejia sensor ambient light and on different occasions. Adjust the brightness on the adjustable lamp or smart lamp. Light conditions.

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xiaomi pic

You can configure the operating mode of the device on a smartphone through the Mejia application. Depending on the changes in ambient lighting conditions. One or the other scenario of using the device will included. It can connected to other sensors on the Xiaomi smart home system.

The body of the device uses UV resistant material that retains its color for a long time, and has a Texas sensor inside. The device is capable of operating under humid conditions under high temperatures.

xiaomi pic1

Xiaomi announced the date of the announcement of Xiaomi Mi Mix 4

The first teaser of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 has appeared

Last day, Redmi company officially announced Redmi 30 5G and Redmi 30 4G smartphones. Which have received decent features and very attractive prices.

A short time later, Xiaomi released the next teaser, stating that on January 10. Its next modern smartphone will presented to consumers’ electronic show 2020.

MI x

At the top of the picture is the barely noticeable word mix, which indicates that we’re talking about the date of the announcement of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4. It should be the first commercial smartphone on the market, hidden in the front camera. Under the screen level.

MI X 4

In addition, the smartphone should get a display with very narrow frames around the frame, which is a distinctive feature of all the devices in this line of the Xiaomi Mi Max.

This week, Oppo held the Anniversary 2019 Conference, which featured a working version of the smartphone, equipped with a sub-screen front camera.

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