What will show at the presentation of the PlayStation 5

Here it is - PlayStation 5! Sony finally showed off its console and it looks impressive

Sony has officially announced the release date of a new generation of PlayStation 5 game consoles-to be held on June 4. What will be shown in the event? How the pandemic affects the company’s plans and the fundamental difference between PS5 and Xbox Series X competitors are in “website”.

Exclusive Day

Sony has announced the official date of the next event for the PlayStation 5 console. The speech will be held on June 4 at 23:00 Moscow time. It will be held under the slogan “The Future of the Game”.

As stated in the Sony press release, the focus of the upcoming event will be on the game.

“We shared the technical specifications with you and demonstrated the new DualSense gamepad. But which version does not have a game? So, soon. We will show you the games that will be available to you after the PlayStation 5 is released this winter.

At the same time, Sony hinted that this is not the last PS5 show, which will be carried out before the release. Which means that part of the host information will remain undisclosed. According to the portal VentureBeat. It is unlikely that the game will be shown to the audience in the speech on June 4. But the game console itself will not be shown to the audience. The appearance of the game console is still a mystery. However, this possibility cannot be ruled out.

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Since the game will become the highlight of the event, it is expected that the PlayStation 5 ’s capabilities will be demonstrated through the prism of the proprietary game. At the same time, there is no confirmation message indicating which games will be exclusive to PS5-you will have to wait for the presentation to execute.

Many users expect the price of PlayStation 5 to be announced on June 4th, but the price of the new generation of consoles is likely to remain secret until the next event.

As Sony CEO Jim Ryan said on Radio 1 Newsbeat, the COVID-19 pandemic will not affect the price of new game consoles—coronaviruses have not affected Sony ’s plans.

“Obviously, the industry is now facing many difficulties that we do not want to face. However, the supply chain is working well and the global launch will begin this year.

According to him, all employees of the company have “rolled up their sleeves” as planned to release the game consoles. The PlayStation 5 is expected to be released this Christmas holiday this winter.

Clash of the Titans

2020 is an important year for the game console industry-this year. In addition to PlayStation 5, its direct competitor in front of Microsoft Xbox X is also coming soon.

The Verge reports that although the technical specifications are roughly the same, the marketing strategies of the two-game console manufacturers will be very different this year. As we all know, only players on PS5 can use the new Sony exclusive products-PlayStation 4 does not support them. As for Microsoft, the company promised to support new games on the previous generation of Xbox One consoles for at least the next few years until users want to buy modern consoles.

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According to Jim Ryan, they did not follow Microsoft as an example because they wanted to give PlayStation fans the opportunity to try “new things that only PS5 can enjoy, other things.”

“We keep saying that we believe in generations. We believe that if you spend a lot of effort to create the next generation console. It should have advantages that the old console does not. The person in charge of Sony said that developers should release games that take advantage of these benefits.

Microsoft’s strategy is to allow the user to freely dispose of purchased games by moving them from platform to platform, regardless of which console you play. Sony relies on its exclusives. Such as Bloodborne, God of War, and Horizon Zero Dawn. Which has helped PlayStation 4 become the top-selling console of the decade. Even though the relevance of PS4 will remain only a few months before the release of PS5. In the summer there will be two major premieres in the person of The Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima, which will become potential hits of the season.

However, for many players, the decisive factor in choosing a game console is the price-if the cost of the PlayStation 5 is too high. Despite Ryan making all the promises. This may scare away potential buyers. It will take time to wait for the official announcement of the two companies to make a final choice.

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