Introduced New iPhone Designs at Caviar Superiour Collection

Android smartphones get cheaper twice as fast as iPhone

The company Caviar introduces new designs to the iPhones 11 Pro. Tyson and Monroe’s version received particles from personalities of legend: Mike Tyson and Marilyn Monroe. Both models made of durable titanium. Career iPhone 11 Pro Superior Iron Mike found a relief pattern that contained a boss relief portrait of Mike Tyson and some of his sports equipment under protective glass.

Only 50 copies will go on sale. That number equals the number of victories in Tyson’s professional career. The internal memory of the iPhone 11 Pro and 256GB are initially priced at 367,000 rubles. An iPhone 11 Pro Max that weighs 512GB costs 422,000 rubles.

Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Superior Marilyn Monroe carvings used black lace and glossy red quintet lip patterns. A piece of Marilyn Monroe dress hidden under protective glass. There are 99 such smartphones on sale. Prices range from 320,000 to 395,000 rubles.

iphone 11 pro

An issue detected with the inclusion of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

Apple has reported that some iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus smartphones cannot shut down due to a problem. The Yabloko company has assured that this issue only affects a limited number of devices with serial numbers that developed between October 2018 and August 2019.

To verify that these models fall under the specific free repair program, you need to use the serial number verification tool provided on the Special Verification page.

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