Samsung Flexible clamshell in the style of Moto Razr 2019

Galaxy Z Fold 2: Leaked firmware with details of the outer display

Samsung’s new flexible screen smartphone is far more compact than the Samsung Galaxy Fold

The network’s well-known network of icons, who often share exclusive information about the latest in the mobile industry, posted exclusive photos of Samsung’s new smartphone.

galaxy fold

Rumours have been confirmed, so the new Samsung smartphone with a flexible screen turns out to be far more compact than the Samsung Galaxy Fold. In terms of design, this is very similar to the Moto Roger 2019 introduced in the fall.

galaxy fold1

As of now, there is no information about the device’s configuration, however, the photos allow us to draw some conclusions.

galaxy fold2

The smartphone’s main camera is equipped with two image sensors and an LED flash, with a small LED display to show the time, date, and battery level.

The bottom panel shows the USB-C connector and speaker cut-out. The front camera is located in the hole in the upper part of the main screen.

galaxy fold1

It is also able to note large screen frames around the screen.

galaxy fold3

The presentation time can be adjusted to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES2020), which takes place in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA), or MWC2020 on January 7-10 in February.

Samsung’s long-suffering product will be shown at CES 2020

But it is unclear when the sale will begin.

According to sources, Samsung will bring the Galaxy Home mini smart speaker to CES 2020. It was introduced in October.

At the same time, as in the case of the usual Galaxy Home, Samsung did not share any details, nor did it know the price and timing of the sale. The demonstration at CES 2020 does not mean that the device will go on sale immediately after that.

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It is also interesting that sources have not yet said a word about the usual Galaxy Home model, which was announced in 2018, and no clear data has been revealed about it since. In fact, there are now major doubts as to whether it will come out at all. Maybe Samsung will finally release only the Galaxy Home mini.

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