New Nintendo Switch Pro launch in 2020 that supports 4K resolution

New Nintendo Switch Pro launch in 2020 that supports 4K resolution

On January 3, according to foreign media reports, an analyst who had accurately predicted Nintendo Switch Lite said that Nintendo will definitely launch a Switch Pro host that supports 4K resolution in 2020.

The analyst said that the new Switch Pro will be officially launched later this year. In addition to supporting 4K, the Switch Pro will have enhanced hardware and a larger base.

As for the price, the analyst predicts that the Switch Pro will be 399 US dollars. The current Switch console is priced at 299 US dollars, and the Switch Lite console is priced at 199 US dollars. If the analyst really predicts correctly, the three Nintendo hosts will be completely covered 143$ – 430.29$ price market.

How Will Nintendo Deal With PS5 and Xbox Series X?

In addition, from the time point of view, Switch Pro is likely to compete with PS5 and Xbox Series X.

At present, Tencent’s Nintendo Switch game console is officially launched in China, priced at 2,099 yuan, the price is not much premium compared to the overseas version, showing the sincerity of cooperation between the two parties. However, consumers were questioned because they could not connect with the overseas version of Switch.

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