Sony will introduce new smartphones on February 24 this year


Sony launches conference to offer a new line of smartphones in Xperia. It will be held February 24, the first day as part of the MWC 2020 exhibition. No details about the company’s plan were provided at this conference. However, rumours point to several smartphones.

The new flagship Xperia 5 Plus (Xperia 3) and Snapdragon 765 mid-budget device. The top-end smartphone should get a regular Xperia 5, 6.6-inch OLED display without a cut-out, USB-C and 3.5mm connector, as well as four camera sensor designs on the back server. It will have the Snapdragon 865 responsible for performance.

Demand for camera sensors for smartphones

As reported, there is a growing shortage of smartphone camera lenses in the world. As in the past two years, the industry has taken three or more lenses into cameras or modules.

This trend means more and more smartphone camera sensors need to be developed. And Sony’s main player in the market says they simply cannot meet the demand. According to Bloomberg, Sony’s representatives say image sensor manufacturing factories operate seven days a week for the second consecutive year.

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The company is also building a new plant, which is due to start production in April 2021. But Sony Semiconductor chief Terushi Shimizu said such measures would not fully correct the situation. “Judging by how things are going, all this investment in a capacity-building may not be enough. We apologize to consumers,

Sony is not the only image sensor company to increase production in the region. Therefore, Bloomberg reported that Samsung is also increasing production to meet demand. The only encouraging fact for both companies is that the demand for smartphones itself has been declining in recent years.

But the transition to three and four key cameras means that even a decline in smartphone manufacturing will not reduce the demand for imaging sensors for cameras.

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Sony Creating New Artificial Intelligence

Japanese company Sony announced the creation of a new division of Sony AI, with offices in Japan, Europe and the United States worldwide. The main function of the new unit is to promote fundamental research and development in the field of artificial intelligence. And aims to “fill the world with emotions, using the power of creativity and technology.”

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Sony AI facilitates the transformation of all existing business domains and facilitates innovation in Sony’s unique technical assets, particularly in the field of image processing and identity solutions, robotics and entertainment (games, music and movies). Together with basic research and development. Direction of business

Sony AI will be engaged in the research and development of artificial intelligence in both physical and virtual space through numerous world-class projects as well as other research projects, including the ethics of artificial intelligence.

In the early stages, Sony will launch three projects in the field of AI sports, visualization and recognition, as well as gastronomy. It is noted that the introduction of new AI technologies developed as part of these projects will be crucial to further enhance the value of Sony’s gaming business in the coming years. The study will be conducted in close collaboration with relevant units of the Sony Group.

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