NVIDIA RTX 2060 official price reduction of $ 50

NVIDIA RTX 2060 official price reduction of $ 50

Although AMD graphics cards generally do not have many advantages over the past few years. In some product lines, this will still cause considerable pressure on Nvidia. For example, the newly released RX 5600 XT will be officially released on Tuesday 21st, priced at $150.51

Opposing the official positioning of the RX5600XT is the GTX 1660 tie, which claims to have a clear edge, but the price is $ 279.

Just after the release of the RX 5600 XT, EVGA’s RTX 2060 and other manufacturers suddenly adjusted the price to $ 50 to 299. But then said it was just an individual operation of the AIC graphics card manufacturer. Not NVIDIA’s official action, and not intended to target RTX 2060.


As a result, just now, NVIDIA has officially announced the RTX 2060 price reduction. The actual price is the US $ 349, now it is the US $ 299!

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Due to clear market dominance, NVIDIA has officially lowered prices in recent years. Obviously, this time, I really felt the pressure of the RX 5600 XT. Although it is said that the GTX 1660 tie has not been reduced in price at present. It has combined with the RTX 2060 double-sided pinch. And with touring architecture, ray detection and energy efficiency. Depending on, these features highlight this fight against AMD

There is no definite news about how low the price of the RTX 2060 will be in China. But it is usually only 2299 yuan, and the lowest price is 2199 yuan, while down to the GTX 1660 Tie to around $30.82. not enough. There is almost no space between the two, it seems that the RTX 2060 doesn’t have much room for the price reduction. Of course, it’s better to talk to the two together.


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NVIDIA is expected to announce new GPU core

Although the price has risen drastically, it is still a classic 12nm process. But it is difficult to find rival NVIDIA RTX 20 Series graphics cards. This week, SO Zifeng revealed at CES 2020 that AMD will have a high-performance new graphics card that supports ray detection this year. NVIDIA, which has the advantage, obviously doesn’t wait. Sources say that NVIDIA introduces the new GPU graphics core

AMD vs Nvidia (1)

As NVIDIA has been performing better and better over the years. Many of the basic elements of AMP architecture are not yet known. One recent rumour is that compared to Turing, its performance has increased by 50% and its power consumption has been reduced by half. In addition, NVIDIA will inevitably improve the size of the Ray Tracing (RT Core) unit and will help improve the difficulty.

According to foreign media, TSMC recently removed NVIDIA from its list of 7nm users. which appears to be the full use of Umpire’s 7nm signal from Samsung. The reasons may be different, such as TSMC’s full 7nm load; Samsung’s 7nm EUV performance is improved. Samsung offers NVIDIA a better offer.

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