Very poppular AMD processors. Company news is almost impossible to buy

AMD CEO to introduce Zen 3 microarchitecture at CES 2020

And if possible, at a very high cost

Unfortunately, AMD has again caused such a shortage of products. It has already been more than once that it was difficult to buy a new successful product for the first time, and the recommended prices did not matter.

Similar fate touched the new generation upper and rear processors. The Ryzen 93950X entered the market just a few days ago, so surprisingly, it’s almost impossible to buy. But 12 Core Ryzen 9,900 X has been selling for several months, but its supply is still low.

AMD processors.

According to one source, there are no Rizen 93950X processors available at any major retail store in the United States at this time, and the Ryzen 93900X is very, very, very often up to $ 1,000. Remember that the recommended price is $ 500.

The Risen Threader 3960X and the Risen Threader 3970X are expected to be in the same position. As we reported yesterday, in Japan, this CPU will sell coupons from tomorrow, with the Ryzen 93950X.

As far as Russian retailers are concerned, for example, a pair of large chains sell Ryzen 9,900X for 46-49 thousand rubles, for more than $ 700.

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