Flyme 8 will now receive all Meizu planned devices

Flyme 8 will now receive all Meizu planned devices

Meizu announced today that the company has begun distributing a stable version of the Flyme 8 for the second batch of compatible smartphones. This means that Fly 8 will now receive all planned devices.

Meizu has released Meizu 16X Second, Meizu 15 Lite, PRO 7 Standard Edition, Mejo Note 9 (M9 Note), Meizu Note 8 (M8 Note), Meizu X8, Pro 6 Plus, Pro 6, Has begun a steady build of the latest firmware for PRO6. PRO5, MX6, Meizu E3 (Blue Charm), Meizu S6 (Blue Charm), Meizu M6 (Blue Charm), Meizu M5 Note (Blue Charm), Meizu M3 Max (Blue Charm), Meizu M3E (Blue Charm)

The Flyme 8 shell was announced in late August with the new flagship smartphone Meizu 16S Pro. The company has promised that this new version of the user interface will be released for 27 Meizu models. The release will be held the end of this year but it was planned to change that.

Meizu OS

Last month, the company introduced a new feature in the Flyme8 operating system. A self-timer mode with backlight and front super night vision mode, among others. Flyme 8 received Small Window Mode 2.0, which supports opening some applications at the top of the interface. For example, you can use WeChat while playing a game in parallel.

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Full game mode from firepower version 4.0 is Updated. And the improved recording of what’s happening on screen. Also improves the stability of cellular signals. In addition, the shell has an updated night mode of the camera, which will pay attention to details and allow you to get high-quality images in low light. The front camera now uses the display as a flash. Of course, the icons, animations have changed, new sounds have been added.

The company message states that users can check for updates by going to the appropriate settings menu item.

Meizu: The release of the full Flyme 8.0 stable model has been completed

Meizu officially announced that as of January 17, the release of the full Flyme 8.0 stable model has been completed. The system-level new design and more than 100 function adjustments cover the following models:

Meizu 16T, 16s Pro, 16Xs, 16s, Note9, Note8, X8, 16X, 16th Plus, 16th, 15 Plus, 15, M15, Charm Blue E3, Charm Blue S6, Charm Blue 6, Charm Blue Note6, PRO 7 Plus, PRO 7 High Edition, PRO 7 Standard Edition, PRO 6 Plus, Charm Blue Note5, PRO 6 / 6s, Charm Blue Max, Charm Blue E, MX6, PRO 5

Meizu (2)

At the Meizu 16s Pro conference on August 28 last year, Meizu officially released the Flyme 8 system that is “light as spirit”. It adopts the new design concept of Alive Design, which is faster and smoother.

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  • Smart Wallpaper: Dynamic changes, delicate and natural;
  • Night mode: colour conversion, deep and comfortable;
  • Small window mode: multi-tasking on the same screen, the application can be switched freely;
  • Call blocking: reduce interference, immersive gaming experience;
  • Family Guardian: Careful and meticulous, Guardian always online;
  • Lacy intelligent assistant: intelligent integration, more conscience;
  • Game screen running: Power-saving lasting, worry-free on-hook.

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