AMD Ryzen 7 4800U running points exposure

AMD Thread Ripper PRO 3975WX appeared: 32 cores, clocked at 3.5GHz

Recently, an unidentified Lenovo notebook running score appeared on the GeekBench website, and the CPU of this notebook happened to be AMD just released to the Ryzen 7 4800U processor.

From a standpoint, this notebook contains a single basic 4910 points, a multi-core 21693 points. This run score is higher than Intel’s Core i7-1065G7, with a single core of about 4400 points and a multi-core of about 17,000.

AMD Xeon

Ryzen 7 can process 4800U’s flagship processor, 8 core 16 thread design, 12 MB cache, base frequency 1.8 GHz, BOST up to 4.2GHz, 15WTDP. On the GPU side, the Ryzen 7 is equipped with a 4800U Vega 8 core display, which includes 8 computing units, 512 stream processors and a frequency of 1750MHz. It is worth mentioning that the Ryzen 7 4800U is also the first 8-core 16 thread processor in thin and light notebooks.

The official said that compared to the previous generation, the Resin 4000U series reduced power consumption by up to 20%, energy efficiency up to 2 times, delay in energy-saving state entry and recovery up to 5 times and LPDDR4. Extra help for X memory. General Chat Chat Lounge

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AMD highlights: 7nm CPU / GPU forced Intel and NVIDIA to cut prices at the same time

After acquiring ATI, AMD has always claimed that they are the only company that can provide both high-performance CPU and GPU chips, and is unique in the industry. But before AMD in the CPU, GPU market is the second market, competitiveness is not strong enough, now 7nm Dacentrurus 3000 processor and Navi graphics card, AMD finally shout at the same time, forcing Intel, NVIDIA both companies to cut prices.

The latest graphics card, the RX 5600 XT few days before the upcoming graphics cards, NVIDIA announced that RTX 2060 graphics card price 50 dollars, from $ 349 down to $ 299 – To know the past few years, NVIDIA thriving in the graphics market, ASP The average price has been rising, and active price reductions are rare. Now the price of RTX 2060 graphics cards is reduced, indicating that AMD is threatening the status of N cards.

Of course, RTX 2060 prices 50 after the dollar, AMD also fired back, announced a new version of the BIOS, making RX 5600 XT frequency of the graphics improved by 17%, the player “white whore” at least 10% of gaming performance above.

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In CPU terms, Intel a few days ago announced the second-generation Xeon processor models can be extended shutdown, news of price cuts, which expanded to a strong second-generation M Series all the cut, L series while price to M Series grades, down from 27 % to 54 % range, of which the flagship platinum 8280L 17906 Meiyuan down to 13012 US dollars, most low-end gold 5215L from 9119 Meiyuan down to 4224 dollar.

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