16 cores is not the limit for Ryzen. AMD sees no reason to dwell on this number of cores

16 cores is not the limit for Ryzen. AMD sees no reason to dwell on this number of cores

If the software has been improved, why not?

So far this year, AMD has doubled the maximum number of cores for its AM4 socket in its resin processors. This is not the limit, said AMD Technical Director Mark Papermaster (Mark Papermaster).

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He said he now sees no limit to the number of cores in the user CPU. Especially against the backdrop of the fact that the software is slowly working better with multi-core CPUs.

It should be meaningful. Before you learn how to use applications, you don’t want to add a new wrinkle to the processors. As long as this balance is in place, I think we will continue to see this trend.

As we know from road maps of AMD that affect the network, we should not expect to see an increase in core numbers next year. The company will introduce a new architecture, without which the production will increase significantly.

But in 2021, according to rumours, the AMD5 can be transformed into the anime manufacturing process, which will increase the number of cores in the CPU.

The Papermaster was asked separately about the rumours about AMD4 processors supporting SMT4 technology, namely the ability of one core to process four data streams at the same time. The company’s technical director noted that the technology is not new and has been in the server market for some time, and its application to consumer products depends only on software optimization. But at the moment, there has been no talk of introducing SMT4.

Sapphire, XFX, and ASRock Video Cards Based on AMD Radeon RX 5500XT Available Now

New products cost $ 215

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According to sources, it is already possible to order 3D options for the AMD Radeon RX 5500XT in China. At least three models were seen on the virtual store shelves – the Sapphire RX5500XT Platinum OC, the XFXRX5500XT8GB Black Wolf Edition, and the ESRK RX5500XT Challenger. All have 8 GB of memory and cost $ 215.


Regarding the price, the source explains that the 5 215 models have a retail price, but by pre-order, they will be a bit cheaper – up to 15 by. But we need to pay attention to the standard retail price, and our video cards are likely to be even more expensive

The official sale of the new product will begin on December 12. But generally at the AMD Radeon RX 5500 retailer, which probably won’t arrive: According to the latest data, this video card will only go to the major PC collectors.

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