Confirmed: PS5 will be officially announced on February 5th

How much does it cost to build a PlayStation 5. Sony fights for affordability

All details and prices will be announced on the same day. The rumour that the official premiere of the PlayStation 5 game console will be held on February 5. This rumour is confirmed by Japanese sources. On this day, Sony will declassify the console, the slogan of which was the phrase “It’s time to play.”

An outsider on the foreign community 4chan revealed that the Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) promotional slogan was “It’s time to play”. And today, @PlayStation Europe official Twitter changed the status: It’s time to play.

This is consistent with the previous propaganda slogans of the leakers. And it seems that it is the official suggested that the information of the broker is reliable.


It’s time to play on the PlayStation 5 will come, tentatively, in October this year, when the new product goes on sale. Its expected price is $ 500. Below – not cost-effective (taking into account noticeably improved features). Higher – may affect the competition with the Xbox Series X.

The console will be backwards compatible with accessories for PS4. And compatibility with games is promised up to the level of PS1. But for now, all this is not officially confirmed data, so we are waiting for February 5th.

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Now, some Japanese media have compiled other contents that the news broke. When they broke the PS5 promotional slogan:

The PS5 will be released on February 5th at the PlayStation Meeting event. Which will be held at the Sony Hall in New York City. At that time, the design of the PS5 body, controller, UI / home screen. Specifications and functions will be displayed. And the PS5 will be backwards compatible with all PS4 games.

As for the release date, the source said that the PS5 will be launched globally in October 2020 at a price of $ 499. In terms of configuration.

The PS5 specifications are almost equivalent to the Xbox Series X. Dark Soul: Remastered”, “Godfall”, “Fallen God” and others will be the first exclusive games on the PS5.

Finally, this is to say that PS5’s promotional slogan is It’s time to play.

It is worth mentioning that the PlayStation Meeting is an event organized by Sony in the past to show important PlayStation products. PS4 was also released at this event.

Source = IThome

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