Intel Tiger Lake processor new U GeekBench running points exposure: single-core 1400 tie 3950X

Intel major data leak of Intel's Lake Series Crown Jewels

Intel announced at CES 2020 that it will launch the next-generation mobile platform Tiger Lake later this year. With an upgrade to the 10nm + manufacturing process (also known as 10nm ++). The version will be adopted, a new CPU architecture, .zip Power support 4, and improve AI performance.

However, Intel has not announced any details about Tiger Lake. However, an unknown Tiger Lake processor score was recently published.

intel tiger lake

The product name revealed is the Intel Corporation Tiger Lake Client platform, with four cores and eight threads, a basic frequency of 2.3GHz. A single-core score 1,400 points and a multi-core of 4,920 points. This is a Tiger Lake Yew low voltage product.

The multi-core running score is modest, but the single-core 1400-run score is truly amazing. This score ranks second in the Intel product after the i9-9900KS. And even higher than the Rizen 93950X’s single-core score in AMD products (1312).

Of course, the hardware parameter information about Geekbench’s running score is not completely accurate, here’s just for reference, but if the Running Score is true, it means that Intel actually compared to 14nm. Polished 10nm in a solid process. General Chat Chat Lounge

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