Microsoft is working on a new tool for the PowerToys system

Data leak: Microsoft support database with customer data open on the net

The Power Launcher Launcher is part of the PowerToys Utility Pack. Microsoft is working on a new tool for the PowerToys system utility package that debuted last year. Microsoft is ALSO working on an accelerated alternative to the Start menu in Windows 10


A code-driven tool can act as a regular launcher to launch applications. Additionally, according to the developers, Power Launcher should work “faster than the Start menu.”

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The new application will only be available for Windows 10 and the MacOS system will work as an application spotlight.

According to the Microsoft specification, the user will be able to launch the Windows button with a location simultaneously by pressing it. For comparison, the spotlight on macOS is started by pressing the CMD and the spacebar at the same time.

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Therefore, Power Launcher is designed to allow users to launch search and application very quickly. After launching, the Power Launcher will display a simple search field on the screen, but depending on the settings, it can display history as well.

Automatically accelerates search when you type a name. The context menu will offer to launch the application with administrator rights, open in the console or open the file address.

Microsoft has leaked conversations of 250 million users

Data for 14 years was available to everyone. Microsoft has admitted that it has compromised the data of 250 million users of its customer support and customer service.
microsoft leaked

Information security experts Bob Diachenko and Comparitech discovered a vulnerability in the Microsoft database at the very end of 2019 – December 29. Microsoft quickly fixed the security hole by developing a patch two days later.

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The vulnerability allowed anyone to access Microsoft client records through a standard web browser. Data available to all comers included recordings of conversations of Microsoft staff with customers around the world since 2005. According to Comparitech, the database was not password protected.

Microsoft specifically emphasized in an official statement that there were no signs of malicious use of data from the database. Microsoft also said that “most of” the compromised data was “edited” using automatic means to remove personal information.


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