Nexus Mods Reports Security Breach: Important Records Accessed Users need to Update

Nexus Mods Reports Security Breach: Important Records Accessed Users need to Update

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If you have a Nexus Mode account and haven’t changed your password in a while, the site development team recommends doing so soon. This week, Nexus Mods reported that there was a security breach in November that resulted in a third party accessing “a small number of user records” from the site’s old user services. Announcements and warnings to members of Nexus Mods state that the site cannot rule out the possibility of accessing email addresses and passwords, and therefore recommends that users take precautionary measures to protect their information. Is.

A November report on the alliance said the security breach occurred November 8. According to the message, the abuse was-removed as soon as it detected, and steps were-taken to further address the issue.

Some of these actions include the release of a new customer service release, the latest version of the old service mentioned above.

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“We know about the current situation and now we pay intention and worked to get complete solution and resolve this situation immediately and as part of this process. introduced a release schedule for our long-planned new customer service. So Be assured that no other possible exploits of outdated customer services can be used to obtain user data. ” On Thursday, “The move is to ensure that the new passwords are not only better protected. But also that any encrypted passwords that – potentially – have-been retrieved from the old user service are already outdated.”

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When Question why it took so late to inform the community about security flaws. The community manager replied in the comments that the first priority was to eliminate the threat and comply with EU laws. Be done

Regarding the steps, users can take to address this issue. Some common routines offered to users in the Nexus recommended when it comes to password security and similar violations. Make sure you’re using a new user service. change your password, don’t share passwords on different sites. Also, consider using two-factor authentication if you haven’t already.

Important Records of numerous User is accessed

The famous Nexus Mods repository today revealed that a data leak was taking place in November. During which a “potentially malicious third party” was able to access very few user records, including email addresses, passwords. Including word patterns and hashes.

“Even Through the fact that we were able to protect the endpoint as soon as possible as we detected abuse as a major security measure. We inform you all, as we cannot exclude the possibility of accessing another user’s data. Are held, including email addresses, password hashes and password patterns, “writes Nexus Mods.

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