Google 2020 I / O Conference is scheduled

2020 Google I / O Conference is scheduled


On January 24, according to foreign media reports, Google just announced that its next I / O conference will be held from May 12 to May 14, 2020.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai tweeted that 2020 I / O conference will be held at the Coastline Amphitheatre in Mountain View near Google ’s headquarters, which is also a place where Google has often held events in the past few years.

At present, one of the biggest highlights of Google 2020 I / O Conference should be the Pixel 4a, which has already been exposed.

In terms of specifications, it uses a digging screen solution. This is the first time that Google uses a digging screen. Its screen size is 5.7 or 5.8 inches. Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 or Snapdragon 765 mobile platform, equipped with 4GB of memory + 64GB storage, 12.2 million pixels rear, running Android 10.

The first photos of the new Google Pixel

Android 11 should also have new news at the conference, as usual, a test version may be announced, and then the official version will be released at the end of the year.

In addition, Google smart speakers, Nest smart home, various types of headset charger accessories are also worth looking forward to.


Google completes the data set search function

Last year, Google stated in a blog that it would launch a new data set search function to meet professional data search needs. After a year of hard work, Google finally completed the stage test of the data set search function.

First, as with most search engines, dataset search is available on mobile devices. Now, users can filter the search results according to the type of data required, such as only image display, text, tables, prices, and so on.

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source = mydriver

For the quality of search results, Google has also improved to display more information. For example, if the dataset in the search results belongs to a certain geographical area, the corresponding map will be displayed in the description.

In the end, Google guarantees that no matter what stage of dataset search development, Google will continue to improve its products based on user feedback, which means that its later use experience will also be continuously guaranteed.

Google Dataset Search is similar to Google Academic Search. It can search in any open standard database to provide professional data results to meet the data search needs of scientific researchers, journalists and other professionals or amateurs. , until now, has changed about 25 million search index build data sets. Google also said that it will make the search support more languages ​​in the future

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