The first time! Door knob detects new coronavirus

How "asymptomatic" spread the coronavirus

According to media reports, a new coronavirus nucleic acid was found in Guangzhou Zoo Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a new type of coronavirus virus pneumonia in the patient’s door handle. This is the first time in Guangzhou.

The new coronavirus is also primarily through droplets and contacts. The virus including direct contact and indirect contact. The coronavirus cause risks to the general community residents said by Zhang Zhobin, deputy director of the Guangzhou Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The latter is more than the latter.

“If the virus is attached to the surface of the thing, rubbing the eyes after touching the surface of the contaminated object, such as food, can cause infection.”

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Experts have noted that there are many ways in everyday life that can lead to indirect transmission of viruses. which are easily ignored, such as mobile phone screens, computer boards, sconces, etc., Needs to be cleaned.

new coronavirus

Zhang Liubo, director of the Center for Disinfection of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. He said in an interview with the media yesterday that microorganisms are not easy to survive on clean and smooth surfaces. And viruses live longer in some dark, humid, and dirty places.

He emphasized that the risk of elevator buttons and door handles is relatively high, not because the virus has survived on it for a long time.  But because they are all in high-frequency contact areas, and the risk of cross-infection with each other is greater.

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