New coronavirus survives for 5 days: no fecal-oral transmission is found

New coronavirus reported 3.44 million people diagnosed with 243015 deaths

At 21:00 on February 3, Hubei Province held a special medical press conference with the Central Steering Group. Which invited experts to answer reporters’ questions on medical issues of public concern and also on coronavirus.

The new Coronavirus spreads mainly through droplets and contacts, said Jiang Rongmeng. He is a member of the National Health and Health Commission’s expert group. To strengthen hand wash protection, no case of oral transmission to the intestine has been found.

Shenzhen Third People’s Hospital revealed yesterday that the 2019-nCoV (new coronavirus) nucleic acid was positive in the stool of pneumonia patients diagnosed with some new coronavirus infection.

Feng Luzhao, a researcher at the Chinese Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Infectious Diseases Division. He said at a press conference at the National Health and Medical Commission earlier yesterday that the new coronavirus could be replicated and contained in the digestive system.

new coronavirous

But It is not. Further confirmation is needed through epidemiological investigations and studies to reproduce the aerosol composition transmitted through the itch or by virus droplets.

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Zhong Nanshan Interview on coronavirus

Zhong Nanshan said in an interview that the stool of some patients is positive for nucleic acid and that the problem that can spread a new type of virus from the mouth of the mill should be taken seriously because the stool contains the virus. Has been found, and even though the stool is infected with the virus, it deserves high alertness.

In some places, there is a habit of really using the commodity, and it is still washed in the fish pond, which really needs to be prevented and controlled.

In addition, how long the new coronavirus can stay in the atmosphere, Jiang Ronging said that after the new coronavirus is infected, it can survive for up to 5 hours on smooth surfaces if temperature and humidity are appropriate.

He further explained that the virus resolves rapidly after coming out of the human body and does not float in the air. So in this case, there will be no virus in the air, but droplets can settle, at the virus level. Can descend Object, and people can pass hands come in contact with the virus.


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