You have to rise! Windows 10: Finally invincible

The most important Windows 10 update this year Fix a big wave of errors on the

For Microsoft, Windows 10 has finally become their strongest money printer.

A closer look at the data shared in Microsoft’s latest earnings report suggests that Windows has once again become a money-making machine for this Redmond-based software company, Computing alone generated $ 13.2 billion (total revenue $ 36.9 billion).

Although personal computing revenue increased by only 2%. Windows OEM revenue increased by less than 18%. Windows commercial products and cloud services achieved similar growth. And revenue in the quarter I increased by 25%.

There are many reasons to increase Windows revenue, including the end of Windows 7 support. We know that Windows 7 will not get the update from January 14th. Microsoft recommends upgrading users to Windows 10

Amy Hood, executive vice president and chief financial officer of Microsoft said. The industry’s demand for Windows 10 was strong this quarter. Microsoft said “health needs” expected Windows performance to stabilize in the next quarter, due to the termination of Windows 7 support.

Microsoft officially announced that Windows 10’s global installed capacity has exceeded 1 billion units. In September last year, the company announced that the number of Windows 10 users active worldwide exceeded 900 million.

With the retirement of Windows 7, the adoption of Windows 10 is likely to improve over the past decade. The operating system launched in 2009 will stop supporting on January 14, which means that a large number of devices will be upgraded to Windows 10.

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