High Risk Ranking Area of Coronavirus Infection: Must Need to Know

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With the new development of pneumonia, there has been a delay in most areas, but according to CCTV News reports, today some office workers may be back at work, but we have to use transport and elevators to work. Need It would be imperative that both hands touch the door handle or the lift button, and this expert offers some suggestions.

high risk ranking are for coronavirus

Zhang Liubo, director of the Chinese Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Center, said: Lift buttons and door handles are relatively high risk, as these places are at high risk of risk, and the risk of cross-infection happens.

In this regard, the frequency of disinfection can be raised appropriately. It can be isolated from facial tissues or germicidal tissues. Hands should not be touched directly and should be washed immediately after touching.

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coronavirus risk area

coronavirus high risk area

According to CCTV news reports, the high-risk rankings of office areas are elevator rooms, canteens/restaurants, and offices.

In this special period, we must put an end to all opportunities that may be infected with the virus, take comprehensive precautions, wear a mask when going out, and disinfect the belongings in time when returning home.

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