Pakistan: First Coronavirus patient death Reported in Lahore

WHO launches international cooperation to response to new coronavirus

Coronavirus in Lahore patient died of suspected

Journalist Omar Cheema tweeted on social networking site Twitter that the Coronavirus patient died at Lahore Mayo Hospital; he was one of 13 suspected coronary virus patients admitted to the hospital. He was not yet diagnosed.

Mayo Hospital administration says that the patient was suffering from liver disease, Ghulam Imran returned from Iran a few days ago, Ghulam Imran is from Hafizabad, brought to THQ Hafizabad because of his bad condition. He was shifted from Hafizabad to Mayo Hospital yesterday.

The hospital administration said there was a strong possibility that the patient’s death was caused by liver disease. The patient’s test has not been reported yet. There will be some clearance after the report arrives.

Coronavirus in Pakistan people died

It is pertinent to mention that 28 suspected cases of coronavirus are under treatment in different hospitals of Punjab. One patient has been confirmed in Punjab while two are non-confirmed, one is in Lahore and one in Multan.

The Health Ministry has released data regarding the cases of Coronavirus in Pakistan

According to the Ministry of Health, the total number of coronavirus cases in Pakistan is 187, 183 have been treated at different hospitals and 4 have been discharged, 150 cases of coronavirus in Sindh, 147 are under treatment, 15 cases have been reported in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 14 cases in Balochistan, 4 cases of coronavirus in Islamabad, There are 3 treatments

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Coronavirus, Sindh govt decides extreme steps, the inter-provincial border will be closed

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It is important to note that a suspected coronary virus patient died in Peshawar last day, the suspect returned from Qatar, was placed in the isolation ward, the patient was tested Saeed was from Hangu, the patient was 31 The patient was under treatment at Hayatabad Medical Complex

139 cases of COVID2019 in Pakistan

The Pakistani Ministry of Health told the news agency DPA that a new outbreak of the Coronavirus disease has accelerated the spread of the disease in Pakistan, of Cody Anis. Within the last 24 hours, 130 new cases were recorded across the country.

According to the Ministry of Health, the majority of new patients with the deadly virus belong to Taftan, a border region between Iran and Pakistan. Hundreds of Pakistanis returning from Iran to Pakistan have been kept in Quarantina. Remember that the coronavirus that engulfs the entire world has caused the largest number of human deaths in Iran after China and Italy.

Pakistani authorities, meanwhile, have predicted a clear increase in the number of Corona virus-infected patients. Many people in Pakistan are currently waiting for their medical tests to be reported. The Ministry of Health and other authorities believe that the results of laboratory tests will certainly see an increase in the number of affected patients.

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The Islamabad government, meanwhile, has sealed Pakistani borders with Iran and Afghanistan. Transmission of international flights has been restricted to only three airports in Pakistan and the government has banned all public gatherings. Pakistan’s southern Sindh province is the worst affected by the Coronavirus so far. However, the security and other medical arrangements made by the Sindh provincial administration are also being appreciated. Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah has said that every possible step is being taken to minimize the spread of Coronavirus in Sindh and every person will be tested in Sindh.

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All the exams have been postponed except for premature summer vacation in the educational institutes, especially in educational institutes in Sindh province. In addition to restricting the entry of unrelated people into public offices, limiting the working hours of public transit offices, the provision of masks and sanitizers for employees has also been ensured. All kinds of public gatherings, including wedding ceremonies, have been banned and the police have been given clear instructions that legal action should be taken against those who violate these restrictions.

Meanwhile, the government of Punjab, the largest province, has imposed medical emergency in hospitals across the province, including Lahore. According to local media reports, schools, colleges, universities, cinemas and wedding halls have been closed all over Punjab. Section 144 has also been imposed in Punjab and religious figures have also announced to support the Punjab government. It has also approved the purchase of 300 screening kits and ventilators for all hospitals across the province.

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