Coronavirus Protection: Scarce masks? Teach you how to protect as simple as

N95 masks can also be reused for: Collaborative studies of several well-known universities to evaluate the N95 mask reuse plan

Coronavirus Protection: Scarce masks? Teach you how to protect as simple as

The plague was spreading. As of 8:10 pm Beijing February 7, 31,211 new coronary pneumonia cases were confirmed nationwide.

That’s 3151 more cases than yesterday. 26359 cases are suspected, which is 3833 cases more than the total. 1542 cases have been recovered, which is 389 cases more than the total.

To protect the public, many companies have been expanded to operate by February 10.

In addition to going out and washing your hands. It also pays attention to ventilation. Perhaps everyone is trying to find a way to buy a mask.

However, since masks have become a scarce resource. Those affected areas have been given priority. So, when face masks are lacking, how to take protective measures on the way to work?

Do face masks work? An expert explains.

N95 mask can be used repeatedly

In the case of a mask shortage. You may want to consider using it several times (no more than 5 times recommended), though it has no official recommendation.

However, according to some current studies. It can achieve 95% filtration efficiency even after 2 days of wearing it.

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Coronavirus Protection: How to store used N95?

Hold the mask strap with one hand, remove the mask. And do not put the mask in and out. After removing, you can hang it in a dry, well-ventilated place, or place it in a clear sealed bag.

However, if the mask is damaged or dirty, and the breathing resistance becomes larger, change it over time.

Can surgical masks be used repeatedly?

In fact, surgical masks are disposable masks, which usually change every 4 hours. Re-use is not really recommended for everyone.

However, due to special circumstances. The N95 mask and the medical-surgical mask are still in “tight balance,” and resuming work may take some time.

How to use mask scientifically and economically has become a problem for many people.

Zhong Nanshan said: This usually changes every 4 hours, but you don’t need to change it every time you wear it. You do not need to change it after eating or doing other things. Clean cell bags, etc.), you can continue to use, provided it uses the mask itself. However, to reduce the risk of infection, the masks that go to the hospital should be discarded. For now, it is appropriate to wear a mask at the source of this outbreak. Also, in densely populated areas, even if it is not the cause of the outbreak, you should wear a mask.

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Coronavirus Protection: KN95 protection ability is the same as N95 

The protection power of the KN 95 and N95 is the same. But the level of certification of different regulatory standards.

In addition, you can also select N99, N100, KN100, FFP2, FFP3 grade masks.

However, I would like to appeal to everyone to leave these medical protection level masks to more and more frontline medical staff. These are the people who need these masks. Generally, people use medical surgical masks.

Does cooking mask work?

In addition, “steam” and “cooking” appear on the network to “disinfect” the mask. This method is extremely unwanted. Particularly when cooking at high temperatures, the structure and performance of the mask will be destroyed by killing the virus. Its method is to dry it naturally or to ignite with UV light for half an hour.

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Coronavirus Protection: To summarize the above:

When masks are low, health professionals can reuse the mask without going to high-traffic locations. Such as hospitals, train stations, airports, etc. (recommended within 5 times), but naturally. Need to dry and the mask needs to be stacked. Get inside and store it properly; if it’s damaged or dirty. If the resistance to breathing increases, tie the mask and place it in a plastic bag for disposal. Remember not to cook the mask again.

coronavirus protection

How to prevent it?


Coronavirus Protection: How to prevent viruses when taking an elevator?

Wear a mask and ride the elevator without touching the face with your hands. Wash your hands as soon as you get home. Do not touch public facilities such as stair handlers and community equipment. If you touch them, do not apply your nose, mouth or eyes. Immediately raise your hands. Wash.

There are confirmed cases in the neighbourhood. Is it safe to use public toilets?

Primarily safe, but do extra work for handwashing and laundry disinfection. In addition, droplets can also be spread in public toilets. Wear a mask, and it is best not to go to the public toilet

How do I disinfect my clothes after going home?

Generally, you can usually change your clothes unless you contact dangerous people. Or you can choose to sterilize the coat with alcohol. If there is no alcohol, 70 to 75% of alcohol can also be used. Then fold the sterilized jacket in half and attach the inside to the outer side and place it on the porch.


Will the garbage used in the suspected/diagnosed cases in the community cause infection?

This is possible, but the probability is very small. The garbage used by virus carriers can be transmitted primarily to the next person by contact only. Therefore, experts recommend: At any time, wash your hands carefully, or bring a bottle of alcohol-free hand sanitizer.

Can the sun be quilted when the sun comes out? Is there a risk of contamination?

Don’t worry about the pollution when the envelope is dry. According to “Coronavirus Environmental Survival” research, it shows that under the combined effects of drying, heat, ventilation and ultraviolet rays, virus activity and survival time in the sun will decrease.

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Why ventilate? Will the virus comes into the house with dust?

Ventilation can reduce indoor virus concentration. The virus has a survival time of at least 2-3 days, which can slowly accumulate indoors and increase the concentration of the virus within the home. On the other hand, not only the space is large, but also the ultra-violet rays, virus concentration is relatively low.

In addition, the National Health Commission issued a “Notice on Printing and Distribution Technical Instructions for the Selection and Use of New Coronavirus Infection Masks for Different Populations”: During the outbreak of new coronavirus infection, the choice of the appropriate type of mask Is recommended. More protection

If you have symptoms like fever, fatigue, muscle aches, cough, sputum, shortness of breath, diarrhea, conjunctivitis, etc. you should seek timely medical attention, and the doctor should inform them of your travel history or contact. The date should be specified.

Weeks before the illness, so that the doctor can make a quick decision. In addition, reduce contact with people outside, strengthen air circulation at home, wash hands frequently, and maintain personal hygiene. Avoid going to places with lots of people during physical exercise.

In short, go out and wear a mask to keep you and me safe.

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