New coronavirus identity set! Turned out to be it

How "asymptomatic" spread the coronavirus

On the evening of February 9. Hubei Province held its 19th press conference on the prevention and control of pandemic diseases. The purpose of the conference is to inform the latest advances in scientific research on the new coronavirus.

According to Chen Huanchun, a professor at Huozhong Agricultural University. The new coronavirus uses the same cells as the SARS coronavirus to enter the receptor. It corresponds to 87.1% of the SARS-related viruses found in bats, and 79.5% of the SARS virus. The crown virus found in cat samples from Greece is 96% similar.

The analysis revealed that the new coronavirus is a serous-associated coronavirus. The result is based on the work of Zhengli. A researcher at Wuhan Institute of Virology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

In an interview with the Chinese Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Xu Wenbo said that the new Coronavirus is a new virus, not a SARS virus.

Chen Huanchun also said that the South China Agricultural University reported that the pangolin could be a potential intermediate host. And could also be the host of numerous intermediates for new coronaviruses. The pangolin’s stress corresponds to 99% of the human stress at that time.

It is being reported that nowadays 78% of new human infectious diseases are related to wild animals, or born to wild animals. Therefore, we should keep as many wild animals as possible, let them eat easily.

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