Xiaomi Mi 10 recieved a record small camera : Well Battery & costs $ 400

Xiaomi Mi 10 recieved a record small camera : Well Battery & costs $ 400

The flagship details do not hold. Saying that the official announcement of the flagship smartphones will be tomorrow’s Mi 10. And Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, you need to be prepared for the fact that today the manufacturers are literally giving us details about the final impressions and the latest. Will fill up.

Also, let’s not forget that just last night Samsung grabbed the public’s attention by announcing the Samsung Galaxy S20 flagship smartphone line. And folding smartphone Galaxy Z Philip, which the first consumers really liked. Even though they couldn’t find a clean Android operating system without the One UI Shell. They still came out very attractive.

Therefore, Xiaomi is working hard to turn media and web users into an upcoming announcement of its new flagship. It has been announced today that the Mi 10 has received the so-called “Dream Screen”. Which surpasses most solutions in the market. It is also expected that the MIUI 11+ shell will debit this smartphone.

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Earlier, Xiaomi had already said that the cut-out in the Mi 10 screen for the front camera would be smaller. The following poster has confirmed that the diameter of the selfie camera for the camera in Mi 10 is only 1.74 mm. It’s about half the diameter of the front camera embedded in most smartphones with a similar design.

It is worth noting that this trend should be popular this year. Insiders have repeatedly said that manufacturers will reduce the diameter of the front camera hole until it is placed below the display surface. Xiaomi Mi 10 will be introduced tomorrow.

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Officially: Xiaomi Mi 10 costs $ 400 less than Samsung Galaxy S20

The amazing Information submitted by Lei Jun Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun commented on yesterday’s Samsung Galaxy Unpacked conference. Which includes the Galaxy S20 flagship smartphone lineup and the Galaxy Z Flip Flip phone clamp.

The leader of the Chinese technology giant said that the price of the Samsung Galaxy S20 is at least 400 more expensive than the Xiaomi Mi 10. Xiaomi will not exceed the Mi 10 for $ 599. If the rumours are confirmed. Then the smaller version of the 10 equipped with 8GB RAM and 128GB flash memory will be even lower.

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Today, Xiaomi officially announced that the Xiaomi Mi 10 wired charging power is 50 watts. The flagship will be wirelessly charged with a maximum power of 30 watts.  And the reverse wireless charging power is 10 watts. It was also confirmed that the battery capacity is 4500 mAh, not 4000 mAh, as reported only yesterday.

Xiaomi also said that the Xiaomi Mi 10 “Screen of Dream” image refresh rate would be 90 Hz. And the sensor layer sampling rate was 180 Hz.

In addition, Xiaomi’s Mi 10 will be the company’s first smartphone, operating under the control of the shell MIUI 11+. It was also announced that the Xiaomi’s Mi 10 has got a record small camera.

Xiaomi Mi 10 will be announced tomorrow.

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