WHO raises global risk assessment for new coronavirus outbreak

More than 376 thousand people became coronavirus victims in the world

The death toll from the coronavirus has exceeded 3,000 worldwide after China confirmed 42 new deaths.

90% of these deaths occurred in the Chinese province of Hubei, where the virus was first diagnosed last December.

In addition to China, there have been deaths in ten countries, out of which 30 have been confirmed so far in Italy and 50 in Iran.

So far 90,000 cases of coronavirus have been reported globally and it is spreading rapidly outside China. However, according to the World Health Organization, most patients do not have symptoms and the mortality rate from coronavirus has dropped from 5% to 2%

Currently, the Coronavirus is present in all continents except Antarctica and for the first time, it is spreading beyond China.

In large cities where people live and work together, the outbreak is likely to be the biggest cause for concern.

Following are the problems facing major cities around the world, and at the same time, we will take a look at what these cities have taken to address these issues.

In recent days World Health Organization Director-General Tan Desai said in Geneva that, the number of countries infected with the new coronavirus outside China has increased. And WHO raises global risk assessment for new coronavirus outbreak and effects has been raised from “high” to “very high”. Which is the highest level of the World Health Organization’s risk assessment.

At this time Tan Desai said, in many countries, most cases of new coronavirus infections can still be traced to known contacts or case groups. The epidemic has now spread to 54 member states, following the first reported case of new Coronavirus pneumonia in San Marino, Mexico and Qatar.

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Coronavirus Research Progress: Switzerland's First artificial synthesis of live crown virus!

“We have no evidence that the virus is spreading freely in the community. As long as this is the case, if we are to detect patients early, isolate and care for patients and track contacts. We still have the opportunity to control this virus. The key to the presence of this virus is to stop the transmission. ”

The WHO China Joint Experts Group report is now available on the WHO website. The report includes information on 22 states and 22 recommendations for China, other affected countries, countries not yet affected, the global community and the public.

This report calls on all countries to educate people, expand surveillance, find every issue, provide them with isolation and care, track every contact, and “whole government” and “the whole society approach, not just rely on work. Department of Health

Tan Desai also said that 20 kinds of vaccine were being manufactured for the entire ball with many medicines being in clinical trials. The first result is expected in a few weeks.

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