New Coronavirus pneumonia shakes global political virus, stirs relationship shuffle

Trump threatens social media with closure

The epidemic of new coronavirus pneumonia, which began in Wuhan, China, is sweeping the globe, cleaning every social corner of every continent. The outbreak has taken the form of a drastic change that has had a profound impact on global politics. Global governments’ response to new coronavirus pneumonia prevention measures vary. But they are sometimes contradictory. They even abandon any level of joint effort and put their health, economic and diplomatic interests at stake.

AGENCY FRANCE – Demanding the death toll, according to the press, fears of new Coronavirus pneumonia have shaken global politics.

The New Coronavirus pneumonia has claimed thousands of lives around the world. And US complaints about travel restrictions in Europe have sparked dissatisfaction with the Allies. China, on the other hand, has begun political advertising. The outbreak has taken the form of a drastic change that has had a profound impact on global politics.

The World Health Organization has identified the 2019 Coronavirus disease as a global pandemic. The outbreak, which has caused more than 100,000 infections worldwide. Coronavirus has affected the world, and the rise of nationalists like US President Trump has made the world nervous. Trump laughs at the ‘Globalist’ global scenario

Senior vice president of the Washington Think Tank Strategy and International Research Center (CSIS) John Alterman said: “When the world’s dust epidemic comes into effect, our situation will be different from just a week ago.” “We understand that the public’s determination that the government is slow to respond to the outbreak will shake the government. We also know that the economy will plummet and some economies may also suffer from disruption. ”

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The agency France-Presse said that Trump, who previously lowered the risk of pneumonia in Wuhan, suddenly announced on eleven dates that he had banned travel to most parts of Europe and fought against “foreign viruses.” Had demonstrated their commitment to Many European leaders have expressed their displeasure at Trump’s move, stressing that they had not been informed in advance, and Trump acknowledged it. Sudden travel restrictions in the United States have caused chaos at many airports.

Kelly Magsamen, vice president of national security and international policy at the Center for American Development’s think tank for left-wing think tanks, said Trump’s move will deepen doubts about US leadership. According to Kelly Magsamen, “I think many (US) partners and allies are asking if they can rely on the United States to guide the world in pandemic disorders or global challenges such as climate change and non-proliferation.”

“It will have an impact on our other relationships,” He said.

Although Japan and other Asian countries have not experienced the same setback as European countries, “it is, currently, under the leadership of the United States,” said Michael Green, senior vice president of Asian Affairs at CSIS. There are strong doubts about this. ”

It is reported that new coronavirus pneumonia cases first appeared in Wuhan, China. Beijing initially tried to suppress the relevant news. But last week, it gradually turned to advertise for soft power, including Chinese President Xi Jinping visit to Wuhan to vigorously publicize the success of the outbreak. In addition, China provided assistance to Iran and Iraq in the prevention of infectious diseases and sent medical supplies to Italy and Spain. Italy is currently the worst affected country outside of China.

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Agency France Press quoted New Coronavirus pneumonia analysts as saying: “Global governments are responsible for their political interests.”

According to analysts, the global government’s response to pneumonia prevention in Wuhan is very different and at times contradictory. They even abandon any level of joint effort and put their health, economic and diplomatic interests at stake.

The report states that from the United States to Europe, governments have recently adopted new border control measures, suspending air traffic and rail transportation and dealing with coronary pneumonia virus disease. Has announced a ban on travellers from countries.

However, experts said that with the stock market experiencing its biggest one-day drop in 30 years, the worry of the economic recession has emerged, and world leaders must carefully weigh between public health and a comprehensive economic crisis.

According to Anne-Marie Moulin, director of research at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), “China and Italy have made a big bet with health as a priority. But economic balance is vital and neglected.”

And Juliette Declercq, the founder and economic analyst of JDI Research in London. He alleges that it is impossible to know the real impact of the current actions of governments. The question now is how long the recession will last.

The EU (EU) initially showed solidarity and promised concrete measures to save the economy in response to the new pandemic disease, AFP News Agency said. But the response from different governments was different. According to the earlier criticism by European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde. The “good and slow treatment” of the Euro Area governments is of particular concern.

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