Microsoft is working on Surface Duo 2 with Code name Zeta

Microsoft is working on Surface Due 2 with Code name Zeta

According to a report, Microsoft is already working to develop the next generation of foldable Android smartphones. The first series of Surface Duo will go on sale next week. The second generation will definitely not appear before the fall of 2021 with the Code name Zeta.

The Source says work on the second-generation Surface Duo has begun. The two will land in the US market on September 10th. According to the first reports, this is already a huge success for Microsoft. After being unable to really use its own smartphone and Windows 10 mobile version, the company has now used the first two-screen Surface smartphone to do all the work correctly.

Quite a regular process

The initial test was full of praise, and so far there has been almost no criticism. TaskBoot already said that Surface Duo is still not for sale, follow-up devices are already planned. So far, this may be due to Microsoft’s positive feedback on the duo. You must also consider that this is a completely normal process. In terms of hardware, since the development cycle takes a lot of time, the work usually takes two or more generations to complete at the same time. But customers internalize a relatively short “upgrade rhythm” for smartphones to have.

According to this report, the development team will be responsible for software updates for Surface Duo after the market launch. At the same time, work on the Surface Duo 2 has also begun, in order to learn from the project the dual-screen products that are still being planned. The organization has already announced the Surface Neo. Which will probably not be available until 2022. Unlike Duo, Neo is a Windows 10 device and should run with Windows 10X.

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“Zeta” project

The next-generation Surface Duo is internally codenamed Zeta. Details about the project have not yet emerged.

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