New drugs developed in the United States are effective against various coronavirus

Four Chinese pharmaceutical companies develop new coronavirus vaccines

Recently, according to foreign media reports, a new study published in the journal of scientific translational medicine by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill showed that a new drug called EIDD-2801 expected to change the way doctors treat new coronavirus pneumonia. It can reduce lung damage in animal experiments and is about to start clinical trials in humans.

The study showed that as a prophylactic, EIDD-2801 can prevent severe lung damage in infected mice. EIDD-2801 is an oral form of the antiviral compound EIDD-1931. Which canbe taken in tablet form and properly absorbed into the lungs.

When treatment prescribed 12 or 24 hours after the onset of infection, EIDD-2801 can reduce lung damage and weight loss in mice. It expected that this time will be longer in humans because the time between the onset and death of a person from coronavirus disease is usually longer than in mice.

Researchers said this new drug has the high potential not only for treating patients with new ischemic pneumonia but also for treating other serious coronavirus infections. Compared to other potential treatments that need to administer intravenously, EIDD-2801 canbe taken orally in pill form.

Besides, EIDD-1931 has a better effect on the red coronavirus mutant Remdesivir and vice versa. This shows that these two drugs canbe used in combination to improve efficacy, thereby preventing the emergence of drug resistance.

Researchers noted that a clinical study of EIDD-2801 in the human body will soon-be conducted. If successful, this drug canbe used not only to limit the spread of the new coronavirus but also to control the outbreak of other new coronaviruses in the future.

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