American infectious disease expert Fauci: New coronavirus vaccine safe to take at least one year

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On March 19, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, interviewed Anthony Fauci, a senior US infectious disease specialist, and director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

At that time, preliminary vaccine research and development trials have begun in the United States, and many trials are still needed in clinical trials, at least one and a half years before it can be determined, Fauci said. It can be used safely.

In the video link, Zuckerberg asked: “What progress has our current vaccine made? You announced the first test for a safety test. What else can people expect?”

American infectious disease expert Fauci: New crown vaccine safe to take at least one year

Fauci admitted: “If this were the case ten or fifteen years ago, we wanted to develop any kind of vaccine. It would take six or seven years, from the beginning of the trial to the successful demonstration of safety and effectiveness. Now it’s unacceptable. Let’s get it from China. With the virus continuation, we immediately retrieved it from a public database and pasted the gene into the vaccine platform for analysis. Got in the day. ”

“After 65 days (March 17), we will have the volunteers take the first experimental vaccine and do a preliminary test to see if it is safe or not. It is currently complete. This is good news.” Fauci said.

Fauci said the hard news is that even at such a fast pace, clinical safety certification still needs months. The next step is the second phase of the trial. In the preliminary trial, 45 people will be designed and in the second case, hundreds will be designed. Thousands.

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Even if the vaccine is considered effective, the process may take 6-8 months. So in the fastest cases, it takes at least a year or a half to get a safe and usable vaccine.

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