Vitamins have a big impact! Helps fight against New Coronavirus

Vitamins have a big impact! Helps fight against New Coronavirus

Vitamins have a big impact! May boost immunity and help fight the new coronavirus. Recently, according to foreign media reports, a study of a new coronavirus shows that vitamin D can help people withstand new coronary pneumonia. The study obtained at Trinity University in Dublin, Ireland,

The study report is based on a long-term study of ageing in Ireland. The study shows that vitamin D plays a key role in preventing respiratory infections. It reducing the use of antibiotics and enhancing the immune system’s response to infection.

According to the report, one-eighth of adult Irish people under the age of 50 is deficient in vitamin D. Vitamin D is important to increase. Vitamin D can be obtained by exposing the skin to sunlight for 10-15 minutes. Or it can be formulated by consuming enough food. and additives.

Professor (Rose Anne Kenny of the University of Trinity in Dublin said: “We have evidence to support the role of vitamin D in preventing chest infections. Professor also said especially in older people with low levels of development. In one study, we found that people who took vitamin D had half the risk of developing chest infections. ”

Although the role of vitamin D in pulmonary pneumonia infection is not yet clear. Vitamin D supplementation is necessary. It given the wide importance of vitamin D to improve the immune response and clear evidence of healthy bones and muscles.

As the epidemic spreads around the world, the government encourages people to stay home and activity will decline. It leads to muscle atrophy, and vitamin D will help maintain muscle health and strength in the current crisis.

Researchers say most patients with new severe pneumonia are older people, and if they lack vitamin D. This can have a significant negative effect on their immune response to the infection. Therefore, in this sensitive period, the correct addition of vitamin D can not only increase immunity but also help reduce the risk of new coronavirus pneumonia.

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