Redmi K30 Pro art joint protective shell released:

Redmi K30 Pro art joint protective shell released:

At the ongoing Redmi 30 Pro Launch Conference, Lu Weibing started with the presentation and told us.

In the last part of the Appearance Introduction, Lu Weibing brings together the Keith Haring Art Protection case.

Harlem is reported to be a new pop artist. His work is very different from traditional paintings. He is known for his simple lines. At the same time, he uses black lines to create bright patterns. Glowing babies, thick hollow figures, thundering dogs are the most recognizable and symbolic abstract symbols in their works.

redmi K30 launch

This time Harlem has branded protective cases for K30 Pro for three camel grade and trendy art. The sale will go on sale on March 10 at 10 am

Redmi K30 Pro art joint protective shell released:

In appearance, the K30 Pro will continue to pop up full screen with a 92.7% screen ratio. The front camera speed is increased by 0.58 seconds, and it is equipped with 5 types of material equivalent. There are four cameras in the back, and four colors available.

In other cases, the K30 Pro has equipped with Snapdragon 865 + LPDDR5 + UFS 3.1 and 4700mAh batteries.

Xiaomi K30 Pro exposure: camera upgrade

Redmi 30 Pro will be officially debuting this month. On March 9th, @ 数码闲聊站 broke the news about the upcoming Xiaomi K30 pro. The blogger @ 数码闲聊站 revealed that the Redmi 30 Pro is split into a dual version of standard and high match. The standard version is coded as lmi, and the zoom high-match version is coded as lmipro. There is not much difference between the two phones other than the lens. The quality of the screen is constant.

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Some Netizens leave a message: Is this Pro version K30 Pro? Some netizens have speculated that the high-end version might be named the K30 Pro Special Edition.

Redmi K30 pro

Previously, special edition models of Redmi and Xiaomi were launched. Such as Xiaomi 9 Transparent Exclusions Edition, Redmi 20 Pro Exclusion Edition, etc. So the possibility of designating a high profile version as a special edition is not ruled out.

Xiaomi Mi K30

According to the officially disclosed information, Redmi’s 30 Pro uses a popup fullscreen solution. Redmi’s 30 Pro equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 flagship platform. Redmi’s 30 Pro also expected to be LPDDR5 Memory and UFS 3.0 will be equipped with flash memory and will support a 33W flash charge.

From the information disclosed, the 30 Pro high-profile versions and standard versions of Redmi are permanent in terms of screen, processor and other features, and may vary in detail.

According to the reports, the main camera of the Redmi K30 Pro is Sony IMX 686.  a high-pixel sensor used on the Redmi K30. It has 64 MP and sensor size is 1 / 1.7 inches. It supports the hardware level of up to 9248 × 6944 super high-resolution photos and supports four in one pixel at 1.6μm large pixels.

Compared with the standard version, the zoom version may include a telephoto lens (periscope telephone lens?). It can support high magnification hybrid optical zoom. it is worth looking forward to.

Lu Weibing is a Xiaomi Group China president and general manager of the Redmi brand. Lu Weibing said that in the 2020 5G period, Redmi will be the leader of 5G. The K30 Pro will inherit the glory of the K20 Pro. Which is looking forward to.

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