Microsoft is hinting that Windows 10 will open several major improvements: a new notification system,

Windows 10 update: Microsoft indirectly confirms upcoming launch

Microsoft is hinting that Windows 10 will open several major improvements. A new notification system, search, cloud clipboard …

Microsoft is working on several significant improvements to existing Windows 10 features, including the Windows indexer, notification system, localization, and more.

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Foreign media Windows Latest reported that it found an interesting publication of the work on the career portal of Microsoft. Microsoft is looking for a software development manager for its application connectivity team to enhance existing features in Windows 10 and prepare for Windows 10X.


The post specifically mentioned the new term “tone dial reliability,” which was described as a new target for Microsoft’s notification system. In the workplace, Microsoft promises to make the Windows 10 notification system more reliable for the timely delivery of notifications from third-party and third-party applications.

In addition to the new notification system, Microsoft is also developing an improved version of the Windows indexer that will support Windows Search and File Explorer.

We previously reported that users have reported that the Windows indexer process can cause high CPU utilization on some computers, especially when starting the search index. Based on this new vulnerability. Microsoft has finally made changes to the Windows indexer. It allows users to “quickly find their files and information”

The support for the cloud clipboard and application sharing on Windows and Microsoft devices has also been improved.

“COSINE is responsible for several key components that share and connect all Windows applications. It including the clipboard and sharing, localization and indexing, and notifications. Now we are hiring a development manager who will update the team to a new level. “Microsoft pointed out.

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It is unclear when these changes will be delivered to Windows 10. But Microsoft says it plans to organize these features “on-demand”. And also to support the next major version of the operating system.

The next major update is Windows 10 version 2004, also known as the 20H1 update. But since it is scheduled to be released in May 2020. It is unlikely that a new indexer and notification system will appear.

All of this is implemented in major update 20H1, which will be released within a month.

As the most important Windows 10 version update this year. v2004 has already been internally tested by Microsoft. In addition to solving a lot of bugs. It will also bring many new features.

Microsoft will release a major update to Windows 10 before the end of this month or in the middle of next month. The update labeled with 20H1 (or internal index v2004). It will implement many innovations. The key of which is to reduce the load on the CPU and reduce the amount of disk space occupied by the operating system.

Similarly, in the so-called May update, searching will be improved. And the process of connecting wireless devices through the Bluetooth interface will become easier and more intuitive-in the current version of Windows 10. It is difficult to call it intuitive.

Since Microsoft is still looking for engineers to advance the project. We will have to wait longer.

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