“GTA5” Mike actor: don’t believe the rumors of “GTA6” online

"GTA5" Mike actor: don't believe the rumors of "GTA6" online

According to GameRant foreign media reports, in the game GTA5, voice actors Mike and Franklin broadcast Lianmai live. During the live broadcast, they talked about the previously insane GTA6. Let’s listen to their views together.

According to reports, “GTA5” voice actor Mike Ned Luke denied the rumors that the top presenter UP MrBossFTW: “Friends, do not you understand, do not believe the BossFTW that you watched on the Internet or another?” Like it or not, the guy’s name. ”


GameRant writes in a report: MrBossFTW often publishes GTA-related content on the NKT channel, which often contains rumors (regardless of source or reputation). Luke was very disappointed with the UP master.

Luke also made a special mention of the rumor that “GTA6 will happen in Vice City.” Luke explicitly encourages players not to believe this rumor about Sin City, although he usually says Against all kinds of rumors. “If you hear this (message) from Star R, then you know (the truth). If you don’t hear it from Star R, then all you know is shit. ”

Of course, we are not sure that Ned Luke found out about the GTA6 project. Please also read the official R Star news.

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