PlayStation 5: Hundreds of PS5 pre-orders were canceled by dealers – some without notification


The demand for new Sony game consoles is huge. During PS5 pre-order period in different countries, only PS5 accessories (controller, charging station, remote control) and PS5 games are provided-official PS5 headsets are usually out of stock. After the chaotic PlayStation 5 pre-orders began, the complaints about subsequent cancellations of PS5 Pre-orders from the store grew. It is said that the number of game consoles sold by dealers exceeds what Sony can provide.

Sony should be pleased with the success of the pre-sale which is based on the number of PlayStation 5 pre-orders. However, Germany is increasingly criticized. After the pre-order started, it has been chaotic. Many prospective buyers have returned empty-handed. Now there is another big problem.

Even for many who were happy about a successful pre-order, the disappointment still came – mostly in the form of an email. Various retailers have informed numerous buyers in retrospect that the order that has been placed must unfortunately be canceled. Conrad Electronics is particularly affected. But there are also complaints from customers at and and other retailers, as reported by GamesWirtschaft. Sometimes there was not even a notification by email, but the cancellation was only visible in the respective customer account under the order status.

Shippers cancel hundreds of PlayStation 5 pre-orders

Conrad Electronics talked to GamesWirtschaft about this issue: “Unfortunately, technical issues have led to the advance sale of game consoles to players more than the Sony manufacturer can provide. Due to the gap between the ordering system and the online store Even if the order was accepted, the manufacturer could not deliver the equipment within the promised time.” According to the dealer, it has requested repayment.

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Yesterday afternoon GamesWirtschaft had over 300 reports from angry PS5 buyers whose orders had been canceled. So these are not just isolated cases. In retail, too, where pre-orders have been possible in brick-and-mortar stores since last Thursday, there are similar problems with subsequently canceled sales.

And the pre-sale of the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition is not only a mess in the US. There are similar problems in some other countries as well. There, too, the next-gen console was sold out in many places shortly after the uncoordinated pre-order phase. Dealers and Sony itself are contacting more and more customers to inform them about long delivery times, some of which extend into 2021. It seems that Sony has been pretty overwhelmed by the huge demand. But Microsoft is also plagued by similar problems with the Xbox.

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