Coronavirus: Mortality in US exceeds 10,000 British Prime Minister saved in Europe?

Coronavirus: Mortality in US exceeds 10,000 British Prime Minister saved in Europe?

The death toll from the new coronavirus virus in Europe exceeded 50,000. Europe hoped that the number of daily deaths would continue to decline. But on Monday Italy, which fell several days, recovered, and British Prime Minister Johnson was admitted to the intensive care unit. In the United States on Monday, more than 10,000 people died from the new coronavirus. US authorities are worried that next week will be extremely scary.

Since the start of the new coronavirus epidemic in China, more than 70,000 people have died in the world. A total of more than 1.25 million confirmed cases among them were British Prime Minister Johnson. Johnson’s condition has not improved since diagnosis 10. He was admitted to the hospital on Sunday for “preventive” measures, but it just became known that Prime Minister Johnson was admitted to the intensive care unit and the British Foreign Secretary temporarily replaced the Prime Minister. , when it is necessary.

Earlier that day, the UK Home Secretary said: “The Prime Minister has been hospitalized today. But he continues to be informed about what is happening in the country. He continues to lead the government”. Only a few hours later, the post of prime minister was temporarily replaced. If necessary, The defeat of the prime minister in just ten hours is a very wonderful example of how the new coronavirus is insidious. Many coronavirus patients experienced this, and their condition worsened and suddenly worsened. Some were saved, and some went from there to another world.

The epidemic situation in Britain is troubling, and on Sunday evening Elizabeth II delivered a rare television speech. The Queen said that we will definitely win, and this victory will belong to each of us. Those who inherit us will say that the generation of the British is as strong as their previous ancestors.

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Prime Minister Johnson’s condition is worrying, but earlier on Monday, it seemed that there were encouraging signs in most European countries. In Spain, deaths declined for four consecutive days, and on Monday – 637. Infected people also began to slow down in a country that paid a huge price after Italy.

Madrid said: “The number of seriously ill coronavirus patients is decreasing, and pressure is beginning to decline”, but after 13,000 people died from the new coronavirus, Spain is seriously considering whether to ask everyone who leaves the house to wear a mask, as all Asian people do. countries.

Italy, whose mortality declined for several days in a row, showed a small rebound on Monday: 636 people died, Italy is the country with the highest price in the world, and 16 523 people were killed by the new coronavirus. After the death toll reached 766 on Friday, and on Saturday and Sunday, a significant decrease for two consecutive days. Italy began to hope that this would come from a black hole. I hope that a little bounce on Monday will not change the overall situation. The Italian Minister of Health issued a warning: you should not let your guard down.

France also showed signs of decline. The number of deaths on Sunday across the country was only 357. This is the lowest number of deaths in a week. Again, 441 on Saturday and 588 on Friday, but Monday’s statistics equaled a surge. In cold water barrels on Monday in France, there were 605 deaths in hospitals, and in hospitals – 6494. In addition to the number of nursing homes, there were 8911 deaths. French Health Minister Welland said the figures show that the epidemic in France has not yet reached its peak, and everyone should have a spirit of citizenship and remain at home.

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In the United States, the number of deaths on Monday exceeded 10,000, reaching 10,335. Of the 347,003 diagnosed cases, the United States became the country with the highest number of deaths after Italy and Spain. US President Trump warned Sunday evening: “In the next few days, the United States will bear the peak of this terrorist epidemic. In this struggle for life and death, doctors, nurses and all medical personnel are at the forefront”.

Trump said that we all know that in order to begin to change the situation, we must cross this threshold, this is a very scary moment. We are now approaching this peak. The next two weeks will be very sad. Senior health officials in the United States are warning that next week will look like the Pearl Harbor incident, just like the September 11 incident. The only difference is the vague point. It appears throughout the United States.

All over the world, all governments are trying to convince their people to do everything possible to avoid the spread of immunity. After the epidemic in Tokyo and several areas suddenly accelerated. The Japanese government was preparing to declare a state of emergency on Tuesday. In contrast, Austria, which killed 204 people. They hope to gradually ease restrictions on closing the city from April 14 and the first small shops opened.

United Nations Secretary-General Guterres wants to protect women and children. He said: “I am calling for the reunification of all families in the world at a time when the epidemic is widespread.

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