AMD officially released Xiaolong 7Fx2: 24 cores with a frequency of 3.7 GHz,

AMD patents CPU designs with 'large' and 'small' computing cores

In August 2019, AMD officially released the second-generation Xiaolong EPYC 7002 series. The most powerful x86 processor in history, with a 7nm process, up to 64 cores. The Processor has 128 threads, 256 MB three The stunning features of the cache, eight-channel DDR4-3200 memory, 128 PCIe 4.0 channels, etc. The Processor has won praise from the entire industry.

It is based on the first 19 models. AMD today unveiled the new Xiaolong 7Fx2 series, which runs more often and has a larger level 3 cache. The Xiaolong 7Fx2 price and cost are as attractive as before.

Xiaolong 7F72:

The processor has 24 cores with 48 threads. A reference frequency of a Processor is 3.2 GHz, maximum acceleration of about 3.7 GHz. The third-level cache memory of a Processor is 192 MB, thermal power consumption – 240 watts. The wholesale price of a processor is  $ 2,450.

It is Compared to the previous Xiaolong 7402. It is base / accelerated frequency was increased by 400/350 MHz. The L3 cache was doubled due to an increase in thermal power consumption by 60 watts.

The closest competitor of a Processor is Xeon Gold 6248R. The frequency is 3.0–4.0 GHz. The third-level cache memory of a Processor is 35.75 MB, thermal power consumption 205 W. The price of the processor is 2700 dollars.

Xiaolong 7F52:

The processor has 16 cores, 32 threads. The frequency of a processor is 3.5GHz. The maximum acceleration of a Xiaolong 7F52 is around 3.9GHz. The L3 cache of Xiaolong 7F52 is 256MB. The thermal design power consumption of a Xiaolong 7F52 240W. The wholesale price of a Xiaolong 7F52 is3100 USD.

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Compared with the previous Xiaolong 7302. its frequency has been greatly increased by 500 / 600MHz. The L3 cache has doubled (even more than that of 24 cores). The thermal design power consumption has also increased significantly by 85W.

The closest competitor is the Xeon Gold 6246R, with a frequency of 3.4-4.1GHz, a level 3 cache of 35.75MB. A thermal design power consumption of a processor is 205W and a price of $ 3286.

Xiaolong 7F32:

Xiaolong 7F32 has 8 cores, 16 threads. The base frequency of a Xiaolong 7F32 is 3.7 GHz. The maximum acceleration of processor about 3.9 GHz. The cache level 3 is 128 MB. The thermal power consumption of a processor is 180 watts. The wholesale price of a Xiaolong 7F32 is 2100 US dollars.

Compared to the previous Xiaolong 7262. Its frequency was increased by 500/500 MHz. The L3 cache of a processor did not change. The design power consumption increased by 35 watts.

The closest competitor is Xeon Gold 6250. A frequency of the closest competitor is 3.9-4.5 GHz. The third-level cache memory of a processor is 35.75 MB. The heat consumption is 185 watts.

new launche processor

AMD officially released Xiaolong 7Fx2: 24 cores with a frequency of 3.7 GHz,

In terms of performance, AMD also cited several examples: for example, the Dell PowerEdge R6525 is equipped with a two-sided four-node system Xiaolong 7F72. The processor setting the world record for VMmark 3.1 performance, which is 47% higher than before.

Microsoft SQL Server 2017 uses Shuanglu Xiaolong 7F52. The number of transactions per minute increased by 17%, and when using Shuanglu Xiaolong 7F32. The unit price of processor per transaction per minute increased by 35%.


Maximum data through put

At the same time, AMD also announced several new Xiaolong solutions.

Among them, Chaowei’s SMC SuperBlade, the world’s first AMD Xiaolong server blade to be available in the second quarter. The HPE / Nutanix HCI certification already supports AMD Xiaolong. The related applications will launch in the third quarter, and IBM Cloud will add 48 cores. Xiaolong’s bare metal example listed in the second quarter.

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Announcement on april 14

After two generations of hard work, AMD Xiaolong has received extensive environmental support in the field of servers and data centres such as Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Tencent Cloud, etc. In the cloud are already the main customers. Not to mention leading OEM customers such as Dell, Lenovo, HPE, Chaowei, Baidu, etc.

In the field of supercomputers demonstrating the highest performance, AMD Xiaolong is also very productive, including…

  • The US Air Force,
  • Indiana University
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Livermore National Laboratory
  • Lawrence, Aragon National Laboratory
  • San Diego Supercomputer Center
  • French Meteorological Agency, etc.

AMD Xiaolong has already been deployed or is about to be deployed, and some will also be equipped with AMD Radeon Instinct computing cards.


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