Three new coronavirus

WHO official website falsely reports failure of redoxivir clinical trial in Taiwan

The proliferation of the new coronavirus still makes health care politicians. Infectious disease scientists feel that there are many unknown areas. Figaro reported that at least three were unexpected.

Anne-Claude Cremieux, a French infectious diseases scientist and doctor, published a monograph on how to deal with sars and other global pandemic infectious diseases in 2009. He explained: “People are very surprised when they come across new viruses. The question is how we react.”

The first could not imagine that a small new coronavirus conquered the world. This process is not inevitable. The first batch of information published by China did not suggest that the virus would spread in such a wide range. The mistake is that the epidemic was mainly controlled by China.

At best, it looks like another dangerous virus – respiratory syndrome in the Middle East. Which appeared in Saudi Arabia in 2012 and never spread around the world. He is still stubborn in the Middle East. Unfortunately, the official data provided by China, in the end, left a huge illusion, and only those who understand this regime cannot deceive.

Christian Géraut, another medical researcher who did a lot of research in China, said: “When I saw the video, I realized that the situation is many times more serious than the official said.”

Sebastian Falletti, an East Asian reporter for Figaro, has long escaped from a maze of official Chinese data. He commented: “I do not believe this data, because it is official data.”

The second was unexpectedly associated with the first, thinking that this new coronavirus, like its cousin SARS. It was mainly transmitted by symptomatic patients. Thus, as soon as the source of infection is found. It is possible to block its path of infection as soon as possible. This strategy is to track all people who have been in contact with an approved patient. Thereby limiting the route of transmission.

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This strategy created the illusion that health authorities can control the epidemic. Jeanne Brugère-Picoux, professor of the French virus of the new coronavirus, said that this strategy worked in 2003, but at that time the Chinese were far from in Paris, as they are today. Since it was discovered that asymptomatic and mild symptoms can also infect others, this set of coping styles created in 2003 was broken down.

The largest of them did not expect antibody involvement. On April 12, Jean-François Delfraissy, chairman of the French Scientific Advisory Council, published a major message in a “Republican” in Italy: “The new coronavirus is a very special virus. We found that antibodies that can respond to it survive only for a short time. We are finding that more and more patients who are already infected are infected again. ”

This time, the entire immunity building, seen as a trump card to unlock, collapsed. Let’s start from scratch again, everyone wears a mask.

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