Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 looks much better than the original. First high-quality image

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 looks much better than the original. First high-quality image

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 looks were released by trusted insiders

Yesterday, the famous insider and designer Ben Geskin released the first renderings of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 foldable smartphone. These effects were created based on leaks and information available on the Web.

This informant is trustworthy because he was the first to show the appearance of the iPhone X a few months before the announcement. He regularly uses drawings and information leaks to release high-quality renderings of upcoming smartphones.

Galaxy Fold 2

It is expected that the diagonal screen of the folding smartphone Galaxy Fold 2 will be 7.6 inches. The diagonally and the resolution will increase to 2213 x 1689 pixels. So the pixel density will be 359 PPI and the image refresh rate will be 120 Hz. The size of the external screen should be increased to 6.2 inches with a resolution of 2267 x 819 pixels. The refresh rate of the external screen image will be 60 Hz.

The smartphone is expected to receive full support for the electronic pen S Pen. Samsung plans to use so-called ultra-thin glass. The ultra-thin glass will provide adequate protection for the screen and will not produce creases at the bends.

Galaxy Fold 2 img

Galaxy Fold 2 img 1

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2: a foldable smartphone with large displays and a pen

A specialist in the field of display technology for the first time published information about the plans of the second-generation Galaxy Fold 2. Accordingly, a folding smartphone receives large screens inside and out. Also, the S Pen must be supported.

According to Ross Young, the founder of Display Supply Chain Consultants, which specializes in display market analysis, citing unnamed sources from the Samsung display division. The second-generation Galaxy Fold will be a large internal folding display with a 59-inch diagonal

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According to its sources, the panel resolution will increase to 2213×1689 pixels, so the pixel density will be 359 PPI. Samsung also plans to integrate a “hole” camera, which will be in the hole on the screen. As with the Galaxy S20 series smartphones, the panel should also support a maximum refresh rate of up to 120 Hz.

Galaxy Fold 2

Initially, Samsung even sought to create a camera built directly below the surface of the display, but this is not yet technically ready for the market. So developers are limited to using a “hole camera”. According to Young, the new foldable smartphone will also offer the option of using the Samsung S Pen for input, which provides the convenience of working with a tablet.

The ultra-thin folding glass on the internal display

Samsung also wants to re-use the so-called ultra-thin glass, a special, extremely thin glass that provides a relatively smooth surface for the folding display but is also covered with a plastic protective film. Overall, the Galaxy Fold 2 came about with a new display and pen support close to Samsung’s Galaxy Note series.

Young’s sources also promise a larger display outside the foldable smartphone. According to Young, the size of the panel on the front of the device in the future will grow from 4.6 to 6.23 inches. It will work with a resolution of 2267×819 pixels. The screen also has a front camera hole and runs at 60 hertz. Samsung will solve one of the most serious problems of the Galaxy Fold since a relatively small external display.

When and at what price the new Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will be released is not yet clear. It is possible that Samsung wants to launch the device this year.

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