Xiaomi MIUI 12 new features announced! brings dark mode 2.0: global coverage

MIUI 12 new features announced! brings dark mode 2.0: global coverage

The MIUI Responsibility Officer previously reported that Xiaomi MIUI 12 will definitely achieve unification of the status bar and system fonts, and the style of the drag bar will be unified, and the display of blank pages and page loading will be optimized and a new download icon will appear, so stay tuned.

On April 21, MIUI officially revealed the secret of Xiaomi MIUI 12. On MIUI 12, Xiaomi brought a new dark mode 2.0. According to the official introduction, Xiaomi MIUI 12 Dark Mode 2.0 provides global coverage.

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According to the official introduction, MIUI 12 Dark Mode 2.0 provides global coverage. The 42 system applications are deeply adapted. Xiaomi MIUI 12, 20 core applications are deeply customized for MIUI. And also a large number of third-party applications already support non-linear reverse colour algorithms.

MIUI 12 dark mode 2.0

Not only that, but MIUI 12 has also been specially optimized for use in dark scenes. According to the official presentation, MIUI 12 opened the dark mode and night mode. The dark mode allows you to automatically adjust the brightness of the screen.

It uses a WCAG-compliant colour design with high contrast colour choices and clearer content in bright conditions. In dark conditions, you can intelligently reduce the contrast according to the brightness of the screen to avoid glare at night.

It is worth noting that the dark mode 2.0 is only effective on Android Q (Android 10) and higher. Android 10 devices like Xiaomi 10, Xiaomi 10 Pro, Redmi K30 Pro, Xiaomi MIX 2S and others can experience dark mode 2.0.

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The first batch of Xiaomi MIUI 12 updated models exposure

Mi 10 Lead: It is assumed that the first models will receive an MIUI 12 update. Recently, according to British media Gizmochina, the first list of Xiaomi mobile phones was revealed MIUI 12 updates. In total, the list included 23 mobile phones. It also including Xiaomi 10, Xiaomi 9, Xiaomi Mix 3, Redmi K30, Redmi Note 8 and Red Mi Note 7 and other models. This is an unchecked list and should be reserved at this time.

It is clear that in January Xiaomi released the MIUI 12 logo on Weibo, and the development of MIUI 11 also stopped.

The list of models that are believed to have received the first update of MIUI 12 has been approved. Among them are the Xiaomi series and the Redmi series.

The full list is as follows:

  • Xiaomi 10
  • Xiaomi 10 Pro
  • Xiaomi 9
  • Xiaomi 9 SE
  • Xiaomi 9 Pro
  • Xiaomi 8
  • Xiaomi CC9 Pro
  • Xiaomi CC9
  • Xiaomi CC9e
  • Xiaomi MIX 3
  • Xiaomi MIX 2s
  • Xiaomi MIX 2
  • Redmi K30
  • Redmi K20 Pro
  • Redmi K20
  • Redmi 8 Pro
  • Redmi Note 8
  • Redmi 7 Pro
  • Redmi Note 7
  • Redmi 8
  • Redmi 8A
  • Redmi 7
  • Redmi 7A

We recently reported that Redmi Note 7 may work on an earlier version of MIUI 12. And this phone is on this new list.

It is reported that MIUI 12 will have a new navigation bar and add a few new gestures. And the notification system will also be comprehensively improved.

In addition, Xiaomi and Redmi phones, which are not on the MIUI 12 list, may receive updates later, provided that the news is true.

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