SpaceX is launching 60 new Internet satellites into Earth orbit

SpaceX is launching 60 new Internet satellites into Earth orbit

Space company SpaceX has announced the successful launch of another large load of Star Link satellites. The plan is to build a global Internet infrastructure, which is not without criticism.

The previous satellite Internet suffers from the fact that data connections pass through geostationary communications satellites that fly in very high orbits. This leads to large delays. On the other hand, they say that Starlink works at low altitude. Individual satellites then remain visible only to the receiver for a short time. So many rockets must rotate around the Earth, Between which communications are always transmitted.

Current plans range from 12,000 to 42,000 small satellites. Which are supposed to form a relatively dense swarm around the world and thus provide broadband services anytime, anywhere. SpaceX has now launched the next 60 units into space with a launcher. It bringing the total to 422. This year there was a monthly launch, and you will need to pick up speed to make the project a reality.

Much more needs to be started.

The plans stipulate that at least such network consolidation is possible this year so that North America can receive Internet connections through Starlink. Other parts of the world will be covered during the coming year if other orbits develop. How many satellites you need will depend on how many users want to use the infrastructure.

The fact that launching such a number of satellites is even economical is achieved only due to the fact that SpaceX has now reached relatively low prices for transporting payloads to Earth orbit thanks to the reuse of rocket stages. Ultimately, the prices of the proposed Internet connections should at least roughly correspond to the prices of terrestrial infrastructures. Because you cannot finance the network only with customers from regions with insufficient service levels.

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However, the entire project is also subject to harsh criticism. Starlink alone will lead to a significant increase in satellite traffic worldwide. As a result, third-party space operations are becoming more complex. Astronomers also fear that their observational data will deteriorate if some of the small satellites are constantly streaming through images of sensitive large telescopes.

The official “rival” shows what SpaceX is planning with its spaceship

SpaceX is currently working on its spaceship. Which will first fly into Earth orbit, then to the moon and, finally, to Mars. The space company has already published a “handbook”, which can be described as an extended press release.

The space company Elon Mask SpaceX is currently working on the completion of its spaceship. The spaceship should become the basis for further space exploration by humanity. In the future, people and goods will leave Earth and reach various places in our solar system.

SpaceX has now published a “guide” (PDF) for its spaceship. Where interested parties can find more information on how the spaceship works and what its purpose is. SpaceX first explains who you are and gives an overview of your space program. Of course, the focus is on the spacecraft, which, according to SpaceX, it is capable of transporting “satellites, large observatories, cargo, fuel and the like” into space.

Of course, it may be smaller loads and people, but SpaceX also wants to use this guide to attract interested companies or scientific institutions as customers so that they can (sometimes) send their goods into space.

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