Google Stadia controller finally becomes wireless

Google Stadia controller finally becomes wireless

A few months after the launch of Google Stadia, the wireless controller specifically developed for game streaming services is well-known. The gamepad can now be used wirelessly through the Chrome browser on desktops and laptops.

With low latency and fast wireless switching between compatible devices, Google advertised its internal Stadia controller six months ago. However, so far, the advantages of only connecting WLAN directly to the search engine operator ’s cloud gaming platform can be combined with the Google Chromecast Ultra Streaming Stick. If you want to use the controller on a smartphone, desktop or laptop, you must use a USB-C cable. In particular, obstacles on the road have led many Stadia users to directly access third-party Bluetooth controllers that can be connected wirelessly from the beginning.

LAN boycott: can only be used wirelessly on a PC in the same WLAN

Google Stadia now offers PC upgrades for its gamepads. Now, gamers who use the game streaming service through the Chrome browser can operate without a cable. Small tick: In order to get support, both devices must be on the same WLAN. If a desktop PC or laptop is connected to the Internet via a LAN cable (Ethernet), it is not relatively easy to connect the device to the Stadia controller. Despite the fact that Google still recommends you use a wired Internet connection, especially when the delay time is short and when using HDR technology and 5.1 surround sound to play in 4K high resolution.

Google Stadia: Traditional Bluetooth controller is usually a better choice

During the self-test, we were able to achieve a much better result with a PC connected via a local network in combination with the Xbox One wireless controller (Bluetooth) than by pairing the Stadia controller through a well-designed and fast wireless LAN. Wi-Fi latency is especially noticeable in racing games such as GRID or shooters like Destiny 2.

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In addition, the Stadia controller still does not support wireless connectivity with Android smartphones. In particular, in this mobile field, professional users require appropriate support. Finally, compatibility with Stadia in recent months has expanded significantly beyond its own Google Pixel universe.

It remains to be seen whether the Stadia controller will be the best choice for gamers by upgrading desktops and laptops, or whether gaming tablets on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will continue to be more appropriate. The only advantage at the moment is 69 euros of gaming accessories: separate buttons for screenshots, videos and Google Assistant.

Google Stadia can only be used wirelessly

Google launched time to time update for stadia users. Google already announced many features update about google stadia. Now back to the future Google decided to launch the wireless feature in Stadia soon. Google stadia provide an extra feature for pro subscribers to gain users interest. Recently three amazing games announce for the pro subscriber on stadia.

In addition to the three games that Pro subscribers can play for free, Google Stadia will soon add two more games. It is the open-world racing game “The Crew 2” and the 2D adventure game “Loss Words: Beyond the Page”. The game must be purchased by Stadia Base users and professional members. The standard version of “The Crew 2” is less than $ 50 for regular users, while professional subscribers only pay $ 15 before April 1. There are also discounts for the Deluxe Edition, Gold Edition and Season Pass. “Lost Words” sells for less than $ 15.

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