Google Authenticator update brings new design and transfer account

Google Authenticator update brings new design and transfer account

Many users use Google Authenticator to protect their accounts through two-way authentication. However, in recent years, there have been only a few updates to Android applications. New updates are now available.

This update increases the version number to 5.10. The biggest innovation is the revised design. According to Android Police, Google Authenticator now appears in Material Design 2.0. Although the design language is no longer up to date, it is more modern than before.

Google authenticator

Although only classic smartphones previously supported the aspect ratio, the app can now also adapt to the display of current models. The improved design brings a dark mode that is particularly suitable for OLED screens.

Google Authenticator Import and export keys

In addition to the new look, the update also includes a new feature. There is now an available option to export the stored key. After the user confirms their identity, a QR code will be generated. You can then scan the code on another device.

Google authenticator import and exprt key

You can download Google Authenticator for free from the official Google Play store. In order to additionally protect the account, the user must scan the QR code provided by the corresponding service or enter the key. The application then uses this information and the current time to calculate a new hash value every 30 seconds. The hash value contains six digits and must be entered at login.

Finally allows you to transfer accounts between devices

The Google Authenticator app has been revised for the first time since 2017, jumping from version 5.0 to version 5.10. The biggest innovation is the revised design. However, the visual change-including the much-needed adaptation to the aspect ratio of the new phone-masks a major change that will allow you to easily port the keys to another phone. According to Android Police, Google Authenticator now appears in Material Design 2.0.

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So far, Google Authenticator is one of many applications, and it provides an additional layer of code-based authentication in any two-step verification process that supports it-compared to using SMS codes, you have spent more time here it is good. However, its appearance is not good-looking, just made its debut in the wave of exiting 16: 9 smartphone screens. And, if you want to transfer the app ’s credentials to another phone, you must go through the sometimes cumbersome process through your Google account backend.

Enter refresh! (Sorry for the unreliable photos, the app now prohibits capturing screens with sensitive data on the device, as it should.)

We are using Material Design 2.0 and there is a real black theme for OLED enthusiasts. In addition, there is an embedded import/export tool in the overflow menu.

The user can select the account to be exported, and then after verification through device PIN input or biometric authentication, a QR code is displayed, which can be scanned by another phone with an authenticator in import mode. New updates are now available. You can easily download the app from  play store

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