Vizag Gas Leak: 9 people died and hundreds were hospitalized

Vizag Gas Leak: 9 people died and hundreds were hospitalized

On May 7, 2020, a styrene leak occurred at an LG polymer plant near a village in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, southern India, causing at least 9 deaths, 300-400 people were urgently admitted to the hospital, and another 1,500 were Evacuate.

People came out of their homes in panic. But due to gas leaks, the air became poisonous. Many people fainted. Many animals were also killed by exposure to poisonous gas.

New Delhi / Visakhapatnam The

loss from the gas leak tragedy in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh is difficult to estimate. According to the reports that are coming from the scene, people have to evacuate from many houses. Teams engaged in relief and rescue workers are trying to take people to safe places. People are being evacuated from villages falling within a three-kilometre radius of the chemical plant. It may be necessary to evacuate even more area. The entire scene was so frightening that the memories of the 1984 Bhopal Gas Tragedy were renewed. The same fear, the same disgrace is being seen.

The morning scene was terrible

, on Thursday morning, people were seen lying unconscious in many places around the plant. Dead cattle were also seen on the roadside. The terrified people ran towards the hospitals with children on their shoulders. A large number of children are included in admitted patients. According to the people present on the spot, suddenly around three o’clock in the night, there was trouble in breathing, terrible itching and burning sensation in the eyes. People ran out of their homes in panic, but the air had become poisonous. People of the area have been removed from the area within a radius of 3 kilometres around the chemical unit. About 8 thousand people have had to vacate their house. All other arrangements have been made for them including food.

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Everyone feared the situation like Bhopal,

This incident reminded the country of Bhopal Gas Tragedy. Similarly, on the night of December 2, 1984, there was a leakage of poisonous gas methyl isocyanide from Union Carbide Factory in Bhopal. The gas dissolved into the air of the entire city. Hundreds of people had died in their sleep. Those whose lives were left, their lungs weakened and their eyes got worse. Many have lost their intelligence and become psychopathic. According to official figures, 3,787 people died in this accident and about 1.02 lakh people were affected. However, Independent Sources says that more than 15,000 people died in this accident. Many of the victims were born crippled because the gas affected the genetic structure.

The number of affected

People may increase further. Work is on to evacuate people from around the place. So far 9 people have been confirmed dead. People ran out on their knees. The picture-videos that have come out are horrifying. Hundreds of patients have been rushed to the hospital complaining of breathlessness and eye irritation. Five villages within a radius of three kilometres have been affected by this gas leak. Officials say how far the gas will spread in the atmosphere depends on wind speed. There is a possibility that the number of victims of this gas leak scandal may increase. According to officials, poisonous gas like styrene was the cause of the accident.

How dangerous is this gas?

Gases such as styrene are used to make plastic and resins. Styrene gas is a colourless liquid that gives a sweet aroma. If humans come in contact with them for a short time, then they get rashes, irritation in eyes, intestines are also affected. If there is a person in between these gases for a long time, then the central nervous system starts deteriorating. This can lead to headache, weakness, depression, loss of hearing. These can also affect the gas reproduction system, but research is not well established in this regard.

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People praying for Vizag

On social media, people are praying with the hashtag #PrayForVizag that the scene like 1984 is not seen.

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