Huawei Delivers Big EMUI 10.1 Update on 36 Huawei and Honor Models

New problem detected after Update to EMUI 10.1 and EMUI 10.0

Huawei has reported promoting the release of a large-scale update to the proprietary shell EMUI 10.1 for Huawei and Honor smartphones and tablets.

Huawei EMUI officially announced today that the EMUI 10.1 system has completed the entire network push on the Mate 30 series. And announced the latest adaptation progress of EMUI 10.1, covering up to 36 different models of Huawei and Honor brands.

As far as the Chinese version is concerned, global circulation lags behind. Therefore, the updated EMUI 10.1 and Magic UI 3.1 is already available for 36 models of Huawei and Honor.

The official version of EMUI 10.1 for the Mate 30 series was completed on May 18. And it supports Mate 30 4G, Mate 30 5G, Mate 30 Pro 4G, Mate 30 Pro 5G, and Mate 30 RS Porsche. Now the entire network has been pushed to update. Users of the above models Open Settings-System and Update to complete the upgrade.

In addition, the official version of EMUI 10.1 has been completed. There are 29 different models that can be updated through system settings and service applications:

Huawei smartphones with EMUI 10.1:

  • Huawei Mate 30 series
  • Huawei P30 series
  • Huawei Nova 6 series
  • Huawei Mate 20 series
  • Huawei Nova 5 series
  • Huawei Enjoy 10S
  • Huawei Mate X and Huawei Mate Xs.

Honor smartphones with EMUI 10.1

  • Honor 9X
  • Honor 9X Pro
  • Honor 20 Youth Edition.

Honor smartphones with Magic UI 3.1

  • Honor V30 and V30 Pro
  • Honor V20
  • Honor Magic 2
  • Honor 20
  • Honor 20 Pro
  • Honor the 20S.


  • Huawei MatePad Pro
  • 10.8-inch Huawei MediaPad M6
  • 8.4-inch Huawei MediaPad M6 and Huawei MediaPad M6 Turbo Edition.
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EMUI 10.1 brings many changes and improvements. The shell received an improved graphical interface. And improved Multiscreen mode, a MeeTime video call application, Celia’s proprietary voice assistant, new themes, including a “always-on” screen, a function for sharing photos and videos on different Huawei devices on the same network, and much more.


Now, only Mate X and Mate Xs EMUI 10.1 folding screens are still in the beta test stage of pollen, and the official version will only be available after a public beta version.

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