Sony assures that the PS5 will come despite Corona 2020

Sony assures that the PS5 will come despite Corona 2020

In recent weeks, the corona crisis has sparked speculation about whether various new equipment can retain the launch date. This also applies to the next-generation console. But now Sony guarantees: PS5 will definitely come out in 2020.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused delays and delays around the world, mainly because Asian factories have been idle for weeks, which also disrupted the supply chain. A few weeks ago, there was speculation that Microsoft and Sony would not be able to release the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 by Christmas 2020.

Taking Sony as an example, there are also unconfirmed rumors that the PS5 has overheating problems. Now, the Japanese company has responded and, with the announcement of its current business data (PDF), ensured that the new console will still be released as scheduled next fall (via The Verge).

Sony: Everything is going according to plan

Sony acknowledges that the current pandemic makes the development of mainframes difficult, for example, because many mainframes must work from home and travel is restricted. This has had an impact on console testing and production, but according to Sony, it may still begin as planned in the fall of 2020.

This also affects the software: the organization said that so far. There have been no serious problems with the development of the game. This will affect internal studios and partners.

With this, Sony also promised to launch this year, Microsoft has already done so. In early May, Phil Spencer promised that the Xbox X series would also be available next fall as planned. However, Microsoft’s top gamers have not ruled out the possibility of game delays.

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PlayStation 5 still on track for holiday 2020 release, says Sony

Sony said that despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the PlayStation 5 is still “expected to be launched this holiday season.” The company announced this news today as part of its fiscal 2019 revenue report. And the company also announced that its gaming revenue has declined by 14% year-on-year. Sony attributed the decline to lower hardware and software sales. Sony also highlighting the importance of the upcoming PS5. Now, the global sales of PS4 have exceeded 110 million.

“Regarding the release of PlayStation 5, although factors such as work-at-home employees and restrictions on international travel pose some challenges in terms of part of the testing process and the qualification of the production line. With the planned release of the console the development work is ongoing “The 2020 holiday season,” Sony said in the report. “At present, there are no major problems in the game software development pipeline of Sony’s own first-party studios or partner studios.”

Microsoft has said that its competing Xbox Series X console will also be launched in the 2020 holiday season. Although Xbox CEO Phil Spencer warned that software development may still be interrupted. However, Microsoft’s cross-generation strategy means that there will be no X-series exclusive games in the short term, so the issue of the traditional release lineup may be less concerned than usual.

The company has just announced the launch of a new PlayStation Studios brand for its first-party games. Which may be the biggest selling point of PS4. The number of PS5 itself is still unknown. Sony has revealed the specifications, logo, and controller. But it hasn’t flaunted the design of the game console or any next-generation games.

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