Tesla is likely to complete the delivery of the 1 millionth electric vehicle

Tesla is likely to complete the delivery of the 1 millionth electric vehicle

Foreign media reported that Tesla is likely to complete the supply of a million electric cars around the middle of April this year.

According to foreign media reports, as of March 31, Tesla’s total sales in the world amounted to about 990,000 electric vehicles, of which 49,000 3 were delivered worldwide in March. Which is equivalent to supplying more than 1,600 cars per day.

According to this delivery schedule, Tesla can deliver 10,000 cars in less than a week, even if it is affected by an epidemic, it will not exceed two weeks.

It also means that Tesla was the first car company in history to sell more than 1 million electric vehicles. If you look at a horizontal comparison, Nissan delivered more than 500,000 electric vehicles worldwide, and BYD – more than 370,000 (the total number after hybrids connected to the network is 750,000).

It is worth noting that on March 10 this year, Tesla founder Elon Musk tweeted the celebration of the 1 millionth Tesla electric car from the assembly line, which is the first electric car delivered in 2008. Roadster has been there for 12 years.

Some people in the industry asked, in accordance with Musk’s high-profile specs, why didn’t he release the holiday when he delivered over a million cars? In the end, high-profile celebrations on social networks, when the output exceeds a million.

Since a Tesla spokeswoman has not yet published the data, we are not making any assumptions here, but millions of sales today are a breeze for Tesla.

Tesla – the first and so far the only automaker to sell over 1 million electric vehicles

Now, almost all automobile manufacturers in the world have already started mass production of electric vehicles or will start producing electric vehicles in the near future. However, although some are only planned, others are not only in production but are also actively sold. In this regard, Tesla is out of reach for anyone: during the company ’s entire existence, its total sales of all-electric vehicles exceeded 1 million. In contrast, Nissan ranks second, with sales of more than 500,000 electric vehicles, and China BYD ranks third with sales of more than 370,000 units (750,000 if plug-in hybrids are included in the statistics).

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Tesla produced a one-millionth electric car on March 10 this year, which later proved to be Tesla Model Y, but of course, one-millionth of the sales occurred later. There is no exact data, but according to preliminary estimates, the anniversary outfit will be held in mid-April.

In the Tesla cumulative sales structure, the leader in the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y pair-at the end of the first quarter of this year, 524,970 units were sold. The total sales of the X-type and S-type were 463,607 units, and 2,450 of the first-generation roadster.

As of March 2020, a total of 991027 vehicles. As of the end of March, more than 30,000 vehicles have been produced and are awaiting delivery to customers. As a result, millions of Tesla electric vehicles have been sold. As demand continues to grow, conquering the next million may take less time. Moreover, even if an unpleasant incident occurs in the assembly, it is still growing.

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