Apple Glass: The production of AR glasses should start soon

Apple Glass: The production of AR glasses should start soon

Google experimented with augmented reality glasses a few years ago. Google Glass initially caused a huge amount of hype. But quickly disappeared. For a long time, there were rumors that Apple is accepting the concept. But now it seems to be moving forward.

Apple Glass, as the Cupertino, Calif. Company’s AR glasses are currently called, have been buzzing for a long time due to the lack of an official name. But so far there has been talking only about “planned.” But now there is something new. And this means that Apple is approaching market entry.

Apple Glass is currently scheduled to launch in 2021. This information comes from DigiTimes (via Apple Insider). Where they rely on conventional sources in the supply chain. Taiwanese industry has excellent industry contacts and writes that Apple partners are preparing to produce fewer. DigiTimes always hits the target. But sometimes it is also far from the target.

Supposedly iPhone supported and with LiDAR sensor

Apple Glass is expected to start at $ 499. Unlike Google’s solution, AR using Apple can “record” the entire surface of the glasses. So it will be correspondingly more expensive if optical correction is required. According to a recent John Prosser leak, Apple Glass will need an iPhone. This would not be a big surprise, because this is already the case with the Apple Watch.

Apple Glass should not have a camera, but you can use a LiDAR sensor for this. This would allow the display of 3D and display contextual information. According to the leader. AR glasses can also provide some interaction with hand gestures, but this can be called a hint.

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According to Prosser, Apple Glass was originally planned for September 2020. But the crown crisis was likely to be postponed to the spring of 2021.

Suppliers prepare for small-scale production of Apple Glass in 2021

Sources in their respective suppliers have now told DigiTimes that they expect Apple to release Apple Glass in 2021. Apple supply chain partners are reportedly “getting ready” to begin production in small volumes in the first half of 2021. Preview report to be published on Friday.

Apple Glass is expected to cost $ 499, but the cost of prescription lenses will increase. Due to Prosser’s leak, it seems that the device will rely on a connected iPhone for most of its functionality. Like the Apple Watch.

There will be no cameras in the accessory worn over the head, but it can have a LiDAR sensor that will allow you to display depth in 3D and display contextual information. Prosser suggests that this may also allow some degree of control of hand gestures.

The charging station will provide wireless power, and the actual chassis, which will be lightweight, will be either plastic or metal.

It is likely that Apple Glass will also take full advantage of Apple’s existing ARKit infrastructure.

Regarding the release date, Prosser suggested that Apple’s initial plan was to debut the device in September 2020. Coronavirus social distance restrictions probably pushed this date back to the March 2021 event.

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