Windows 10 May update cause security issues

Windows 10 May update cause security issues

Microsoft has recognized a new issue with the Windows Security application, which could interfere with updating Windows 10 May 2020 (version 2004) on your PC. In particular, this problem causes compatibility problems with Windows 10 version 2004 if you did not change the settings in the Windows Security application or update the display drivers.

Microsoft says some users may receive a compatibility hold error message on devices with memory integrity settings enabled. However, you can fix the Windows Security application error by simply disabling the memory integrity set.

If you use the memory integrity function and do not want to disable it, you need to download and install updated display drivers from the manufacturer to remove the update unit.

Windows 10 May update cause security issues

You can also disable memory integrity and remove the update block. To disable this feature, follow these steps:

  • Head to Windows 10 settings page.
  • Navigate to “Update & Security”.
  • Click on “Windows Security.”
  • From there, go to “Device Security”.
  • Select “Core isolation details.”
  • Toggle off the memory integrity setting there.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Check for updates in Windows Update or Update Assistant tool.

If you still do not see the update, make sure you have updated the Intel or Nvidia GPU drivers and the Bluetooth driver.

Earlier, Microsoft warned that consequences could occur if you ignore the compatibility issue and manually run the May 10 upgrade to Windows 10 using Media Assistant or other programs.

Microsoft may work to permanently fix this issue in a future patch. However, for now, updating your driver or disabling memory integrity is the best way to make sure that you do not encounter any serious problems updating Windows 10.

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In March 2020, Microsoft discovered another memory integrity error that could interfere with driver loading, which can lead to serious problems, including a system crash.

Microsoft said at the time that users could work around this problem by disabling memory integrity settings in Windows Security. Some further issues have been found

Graphics Problems

A technical point of view, as long as these drivers are updated, May 2020 update should be available. Microsoft said: “NVIDIA and Microsoft have found that some NVIDIA graphics drivers are incompatible with Windows 10 May 2020. Affected devices may experience a blue screen stop error or other issues during or after installation. The driver version is mainly below 358.000. ”

Plugging and Unplugging Problem

Devices that use the Thunderbolt docking station may receive a stop blue screen error when plugging in or unplugging the docking station.

Audio drivers

The affected driver will be displayed as Conexant HDAudio Driver under the sound, and the video and game master version chdrt64.sys or chdrt32.sys under the device manager. The problem versions include,, to 8.66. 89.00.

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