Trump threatens social media with closure

Trump threatens social media with closure

US President Donald Trump has threatened social media platforms with strong intervention and even closure if they do not allow conservative and right-wing forces to act on their own. This was triggered by warnings on two of his tweets.

In these reports, Trump argued that the possibility of voting by mail would inevitably lead to fake votes. Then Twitter posted a fact-checking link under tweets. Where interested readers can get more information about voting by mail and how to prevent fraud. This was a clear sign that Trump’s statements are simply not true.

Then Trump immediately pulled out a large club. “Republicans believe that social media platforms completely drown out conservative voices. We will regulate or tightly close them before we allow them, ”Trump wrote. In general, services will suppress freedom of speech.


These statements were made after Twitter identified some of the entries on the Trump page as false and urged the account author to verify the facts. In them, on behalf of the president, topics of falsification by voting by mail were raised.

Republicans believe social networks are drowning conservative voices. We will strictly regulate their work or close them, but we will never allow this to happen. Donald Trump

Twitter is important to Trump

Of course, this is extremely absurd when you realize that Twitter, in particular, is a popular communication platform for the US president. Thanks to this, he sends tweets to his more than 80 million subscribers at large intervals. And it can hardly be said that social networks are particularly active against statements made by users from the Trump camp. There is a need for particularly strong theories of agitation, lies, or conspiracy to provoke a reaction from the platform operators themselves.

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Trump is also a popular channel for Trump because he can reach his audience right here – without critical classification from journalists. This should be the reason why it is especially sensitive to link checking. On the other hand, Trump can hardly be expected to take decisive action against Twitter. Because, on the one hand, the complete closure of such a platform is likely to exceed the powers of the US president. And he will also lose one of his most important communication channels.

Twitter founder donates a quarter of his fortune

Internet entrepreneur Jack Dorsey donates around $ 1 billion to fight the corona pandemic. As Forbes reports, there is a rescue package of shares of its mobile payment company “Square”, the approximately 25.6 percent account for its assets. Remaining funds after the pandemic should go to projects to support young girls and unconditional basic income, according to Dorsey.

As the graphic shows, a few billionaires are supporting the Corona aid with generous financial injections. However, none of them go as far as the Twitter boss. The second highest $ 255 million donations was made by Bill and Melinda Gates through their charitable foundation

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