Facebook employees staged a virtual protest against Zuckerberg

Facebook has also become too much blocks Trump's advertising

Facebook employees staged a virtual protest. Employees disagreeing with the position of the company’s head, Mark Zuckerberg – earlier in the day over US President Donald Trump’s contradictory publications about what happened in Minneapolis. He refused to take any action. Several social network employees said that they were ashamed to join the Zuckerberg company.

According to Source, some Facebook employees staged a virtual protest against the inaction of the company’s chairman, Mark Zuckerberg. It’s about the position of billionaire, which he takes in connection with the publications of US President Donald Trump.

Trump is known to have posted several posts on social media about the riots in Manipolis – a black man named George Floyd was killed by a police officer during an arrest last week. The moment of Floyd’s abuse came on video – the policeman strangled her with a knee, which later led to her death in custody. This caused protests in the city, accompanied by a pogrom of neighborhoods, window-smashing, arson of cars, and robbery of shops.

In a post on Twitter and Facebook, Trump wrote, “When looting starts, so does firing.” “When the looting starts, the firing starts”], indicating that the authorities are ready to use force against the protesters in Minneapolis.

The reaction of Twitter immediately followed – the platform removed the president’s tweet, saying he violated the company’s policies, justifying the violence.

On Facebook, the US presidency remained untouched. Then the social network employees decided that Mark Zuckerberg’s impracticality was strongly approved by Trump’s rhetoric, and therefore he decided to organize a virtual strike.

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“Facebook’s inaction regarding Trump’s violent posts makes me ashamed of the fact that I work here. I absolutely disagree with this. I like my company and smart/kind colleagues, but this is not normal. Silence is complicity. ”

“I work on Facebook and I am ashamed of my policies. I talked to most of my colleagues about thinking the same way. We want our voices to be heard, “writes user Jason Toff.

“I don’t know what to do, but it’s unacceptable to do anything. I’m an FB employee who strongly disagrees with Mark [Zuckerberg’s] decision to ignore Trump’s posts, which fuel violence.” “I’m not alone here,” writes Jason Starman, the company’s design manager. “You can’t be neutral when it comes to racism.”

Facebook’s press service has reported that it is aware of the protests among employees.

“We are well aware of the pain that many of our employees are now suffering, especially from the black class. We have always encouraged employees to speak openly if they do not agree with the management. Despite the fact that we are facing difficult decisions regarding the content on the platform. We will continue to pay attention to their comments, ”said the social network representative.

Earlier, the Mashable Portal reported that during a private meeting, Zuckerberg assured his employees that he felt “offensive” when he read the president’s message. But the US leader continued to use Facebook. Nothing to keep up. Apparently, the billionaire is trying to find a balance and sit on two chairs. Even if it angers his employees.

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